Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sun again - my goodness

DB has been out and washed the caravan, I was on ladder duty whilst he washed the roof, do not need any falls thank you. he also put in 3 phlox and swept the ash keys off the path outside the front door.

Our noisy upstairs neighbours were asked to move some stuff they had put on the grass which they did with very bad grace, it is an even bigger mess now underneath R's kitchen window........

I stripped the chicken carcass and put it in the pressure cooker with carrot onion etc, it needs straining, I plan to freeze it, some will go on holiday with us as a base for soup.

I heard from a friend in Scotland this morning she says its still very cold up there so we may well need soup!! She also sent us a note from DB's sister which had been sent to our old address. He has not been in touch with her for several years, a long story, they have never really got on. An email message has gone to her, we will see  what happens next. He did suggest we change the last part of our holiday plans, but I feel the first time they meet should be on neutral ground. We await a reply.

It turned cold this afternoon when the sun went in, the gas fire had to be put on I was frozen.

Chicken and apricots in yogurt sauce with rice for supper, chocolate fluff surprise for dessert, the surprise is the raspberries in the bottom.

DB has the dreaded palps, only 2 weeks since his last go, hope we are not in for a ramp up of them.


  1. Oh no, noisy upstairs neighbours, I hope they're not spoiling things for you in your new abode.

    Your supper menus are always good for ideas when I'm at a loss what to make.

  2. Sorry to hear the dreaded palps are bock and hope this will be the last of them for ... a decade or more! Hope all is calm with the brother/sister situation.

    Oh, what a bother it is to have noisy upstairs neighbors and even worse that they are so uncaring about where they leave things outside. Hope they quickly learn some nice manners about living upstairs.

    Today is lovely and pleasantly warm here.

    DH has had some concerning symptoms so may end up taking him to the ER. Do pray!



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