Saturday, 5 April 2014


DS2 arrived just as we were finishing our breakfast, having had a lie in till 9am. After a cup of tea he started.

Tooth mug holder and shelf in the bathroom, unit up on the wall in the sewing room, two brackets for hanging baskets either side of the french windows. Locks on the sitting room, bedroom and kitchen windows, sorted the table for the kitchen and helped DB put the shed on its base. All on 2 cups of tea and 2 rounds of toast and honey. He then shot off back to Corby to do his shopping.

So the sewing room is now looking good, had a bit of a move round and reconnected the sewing machine.

Moved the cutting mat on the unit to the left so my rulers are by my right hand, easy to pick out the one I want. Hoops for embroidery on the machine on the hooks at the bottom of the wall unit. I also have my large cutting mat under the machine so I can just scoot the chair along and cut on the board.

After DS2 left we had soup and bacon and brown sauce sandwiches for lunch on the table in the kitchen, brilliant.

It was dull but not too cold this morning, the sun is trying to break through, it could be a nice afternoon.

Supper tonight fritatta and salad, I have some creme brulee left and some raspberries, so with a drop of cream that will do for dessert.


  1. Cheers for helpful, handy, and willing sons!! He certainly accomplished a lot in a short time and each job done was a huge help.

    Your sewing room looks wonderful and the wall unit isn't just perfectly located, it's charming, too! I wonder if something like a long, narrow peg-board on the end of your shelving unit would add lots of places to hang things? Just a thought.

    I look forward to seeing your new kitchen table in situ and am glad to know it makes life there even better! Do you need to make summery table mats or a wee table topper quilt for your new table in your new kitchen?!

    I've decided no middle border on the Arctic Blast little quilt so have to cut the outer border and sew it on to be finished with this top. It will be approximately 35" square when finished.


  2. I love all your different coloured cones of thread on the shelf unit. How colourful they look. You are so fortunate to have a son who is good at DIY. I'm afraid my son is a bit 'useless' when it comes to putting up shelves, curtain rails etc. Luckily my other half is still very capable. Your sewing room looks fantastic, and everything within reach too. Those embroidery hoops look very interesting shapes.


  3. Your sewing room is so cozy and inviting. You will spend many happy hours there. You are blessed to have such a helpful son. Have a great day!

  4. I like the layout of your sewing machine. Great idea to have the cutting mat right there, particularly if you do a lot of quilting. So nice your son could come and help you like that. Mine all live too far away for flying visits.


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