Thursday, 3 April 2014

Sand Cloud

No idea if its over us, it is cloudy but fairly high. Its quite cool this morning too.

DB digging over the last bit of the garden in front of the bay window, the garden is beginning to look ok especially the border down the side of the patio.

R the gardener camethis morning, someone had smashed the lock off the shed door where he keeps the mowers, nothing appears to be missing though. DB said that our shed door was open as well but nothing had been taken.

Usual household type jobs, windows are open to clear the condensation, will close them later.

Pot of leek and lentil soup on the hob for lunch, made a loaf yesterday so sliced it ready to have with the soup.

Yesterday I linked up with my youngest niece in law. DGD had sent her an email about something to do with work. A realised who it was and contacted her, so facebook went to work again. I have not seen any of them for well over 20 years. Her sister who moved to Aus has found a long term rental house they all like, so now they just have to wait for their furniture to arrive on the ship and they are all set. I am thinking about setting up a meeting between my children and their cousin and her children. We certainly have the room.......

Supper tonight cauli and calebrese gratin, jacket potato, tomato and celery salad. Banana something for dessert, might justsettle for sliced banana and cream.


  1. How scary to have the garden sheds broken into but am glad to hear that nothing was taken. Perhaps your LL should install a motion detector light on the shed? We have one that cats, wind, and people set off, but I like it. Most thieves prefer darkness.

    What a modern delight to be able to connect with long lost family members even if they're half a world away! Love your idea of setting up a Skype meeting with your kids and grans and their far-away cousins!

    Applause for DB in carrying on with his garden plans so all will look glorious when you sit outside for tea!


  2. Glad nothing was taken. Such fun to find long lost relatives.


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