Wednesday, 30 April 2014

post holiday

we slept well last night, it did take me a while to get off though.

Laundry did in te machine, ready to go out when we got up, the whily was almost full. When we got home yesterday we foundan appointment for DB to go and see a speech therapist so off to see her, she did a couple of tests with DB drinking and swallowing a biscuit. Nothing unusual, so she is writing to our GP to send him for further tests.

DD2 came after lunch, DB was in the garden so we had a nice chat. I gave her the key ring we had got for her, she is working tonight.

I am having problems publishing the photographs I took. Every time I go to load one it goes into Sky drive.....stupid thing. I wish I had never updated the blooming thing. I will conquer  it but it just might take me a while.  I hate windows 8, its so blooming complicated.

Supper tonight pork and bean casserole in yogurt with new potatos and cauliflower. Strawberry fluff for dessert.


  1. How lovely to get a good night's sleep at home and then breakfast and out into the garden!

    Is the key ring the gift you thought was lost?

    We've had torrential rain today with storms forecast for this arvo and evening and it is so humid outside that it is difficult to breathe.


  2. Bet it felt good to be back sleeping in your own bed again. Pleased you found the gift for your daughter too. What is strawberry fluff. It sounds intriguing. Hope you fathom out how to publish your photos because you sound to have visited some lovely places of interest to us all.



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