Sunday, 27 April 2014

Nice Day., Cool Wind.

We decided last night to 'sleep in' so it was well after 9am before we raised our heads.

No outings today, just a quiet day reading. We did take a walk round the site which is only about half full. It will be a different matter next weekend for the May Bank Holiday. Called at the shop and indulged ourselves with a white chocolate Magnum each, had a chat with C & C who were on duty.

Supper tonight, pork steaks, new potatos and veg, I have bananas, so DB will have his with cream I will have natural yogurt on mine.

Tomorrow we need to start sorting the caravan ready for our journey home and go to Morrisons to fill up the tank with diesel. What's left in the tank will have to last through next month. That should not be a problem with the bus being so close for trips to town. I will also have to brave a trip to Aldi for the months shopping.

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  1. What a lovely day you and DB had today with a lie-in, a pleasant walk, a yummy treat, a visit with friends, and a delicious dinner.

    A friend has asked if I will make a twin size quilt for him so I have sent him a whole list of questions to find out what he has in mind and who it's for. I've also sent him photos to increase his quilting education. About 12 years ago he commissioned me to make a queen sized quilt for him from the Flock of Geese pattern in the book "101 Fabulous Rotary Cut Quilts" and it turned out beautifully. I wonder if it's ever been on his bed. Oh, well!

    I hope the weather cooperates with you and the skies are sunny for your trip home.



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