Thursday, 24 April 2014


Sorry we have been missing in action, could not get my IPad to accept a top up. Ended up having to ring them and do it.

We are both ok, although plans have changed a bit, we are starting to head south. We will be in Dumfries for 2 nights and then travelling back to the site we were on last week at Kendal for two nights arriving back in Melton on Tuesday instead of Friday.

Monday we went to Burns Cottage and the museum, they were having a pirate themed weekend, so we were met by a very fierce looking chap, with a dagger in his teeth. We walked from the cottage to the museum,it was very well laid out, lots of information I did not know.

It was a sunny day but again the wind was quite strong.

Tuesday we went down to Kirkoswald and Souter Johnnies cottage, it was not open when we got there, so we went down to the harbour at Maidens and sat for a while, then went back. The cottage was open but the alarm was going off, 5 hunky firemen arrived with a fire engine, went round the house and declared it a 'false alarm'.
One thing that struck me was the level of comfort in the cottage compared to Burns cottage, as a shoe maker, Souter Johnnie was quite well off. We also had a ramble round the churchyard where 
Burns great grand parents are buried. There were several other graves connected to Burns including that of Souter Johnnies wife who herself features in one of his poems.

We went back to the caravan for lunch and started to pack the van up ready for our journey down to Kirkcudbright. We had a massive rain storm. The water was pouring down the front of the caravan. It stopped for a while but then carried on through the night.

The site at Culzean was very quiet and peaceful, by the the we left on Wednesday morning there was only one other caravan on the site.

Wednesday morning saw us up and away just after 10am. I was driving, boy what a drive down the road to Stranraer, what a windy switchback it was. I was very glad to pick up the road to Dumfries.

We had a problem finding our site, the instructions were for coming from the south, not from the west, then a London drive round the bay to the site.  Nice site but a bit out of the way.

Another heavy storm as we were eating our supper, it did not last through the night.

This morning we made for Castle Douglas, we were in desperate need of a launderette, both of us down to our last pair of knickers. A nice town, we found the laundry and left our bag for a service wash. DB saw a sign for an antique shop, it was actually mor like a warehouse, crammed full, we saw a superb wardrobe, it would have looked very nice in our hall. DB espied a pretty lead crystal vase, we put it back on the shelf and went a bit further. I saw looking at some stuff on a table and saw in the next aisle a set of 6 perfect sundae dishes, we decided to see what we could do on a job lot, as I was going to pick up the vase I saw a pedestal cream jug, we came out with all of it packed in two bags. We took them back to the car and called in the Co-op for a few supplies and then DB saw a second hand book shop, we had to go in of course, we both came out with a book. 

After we picked up our laundry we set off for Broughton House in Kirkcudbright, we stooped in a layby for some lunch and then carried on into the Town. We had been to the house before in 1996 about the same time of year. It was the home of E A Hornel an artist who was one of The Glasgow group of artists. After going round the house we went into the very pretty gardens, there was a mangnificent magnolia tree. I will post the pictures of the trip when I get back.

Last night we decided that we would go on to Dumfries tomorrow for 2 nights and then head back to the site we were on last week for a couple of nights before returning home.

The weather has been glorious today warm and sunny, but now at just before 10pm the temperature is dropping.

So, having at last got back on line and brought you up to date I will say goodnight, will post more tomorrow.


  1. I love the sound of that antique shop. WS xxx

  2. What a delight to hear about the sights you two have seen and where you've been! I look forward to photos of the scenery, places, and of the antique treasures in those two packed bags, too! Will the folks at that antique shop ship the wardrobe to you?

    It's good you're flexible in your travel plans as sometimes it does seems lovely to head homeward earlier than planned.

    Have fun!


  3. Sounds like you are both thoroughly enjoying your holiday,visiting all the houses, antique shops and secondhand book shops. Well done on your job lot too. We were in Castle Douglas in February, staying in the Douglas Arms Hotel. What a disappointment - they seemed to be having financial problems and there was no central heating in the whole hotel!! What made it worse was that it rained incessantly for the 3 days. I did enjoy visiting Wilkinsons though as we dont have one any where near us.
    Take care,enjoy the remainder of your holiday and will look forward to seeing any photos of your trip.


  4. So pleased you are having a nice time.
    Thank you for keeping us updated, looking forward to hearing more and seeing your pics.
    Pam in TX.xx


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