Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Just a little sun

The sun was shining when we got up and the washer had finished, so out on the whirly it went. The windows were dripping so turned off the heating and opened the windows. Thanks to the locks we were able to leave them open when we went out.

DB went to the library, I got off the bus and nipped into our old letting agents then walked down to the council offices to hand something in. I had to wait over an hour just to hand in a piece of paper.

Walked back to the market to get fruit and veg, called to get the TV choice and met DB waiting for the bus.

Our LL was at the flats when we got home, so a quick chat.

Clothes dry so put them to air and ironed the sheets duvet cover etc from yesterday.

We went through the things that are already in the caravan we can tick them off the list. Started the 'clothes to take' on the guest bed. I was surprised there was very little water in the condensation trap. We will move the caravan closer to the house next week, so we can top up the battery and start the fridge freezing up. I also need to check the car tyres and put in diesel. I just need to sort out the food we are taking with us.

Sitting down now with a cup of tea and a piece of carrot cake.

Supper tonight, bacon fritatta and salad, the last of the lemon sponge for dessert.


  1. Isn't it nice when the weather cooperates with laundry plans and makes taking care of errands pleasant? You got some good exercise today, too.

    Dinner sounds yummy and you know I love anything lemon. I'd be by for some of that lemon sponge if only it wasn't such a distance to travel.

    All is soggy here from yesterday's rain and the additional rain that fell overnight. DH isn't feeling great so he'll have to take it easy today. Not sure what I'll do but a book is calling to me ...


  2. Ooh, you popped into your old letting agent? Does that mean a move is on the cards?

    I used to have condensation here but bought a dehumidifier, ended the dripping windows and the air feels healthier, that dampness can't be good for us.

    I've just joined a quilting class, something new for me, wish me luck!

  3. No Gwen we are not moving, I needed to get some paperwork they had asked me to collect.


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