Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Its Market Day, it Must Be Tuesday

Quick trip to the Grange Drive shop this morning to send off a book I sold last night.

We set off for the library, I left DB there and went round the market, got some fruit and a couple of other things I was looking for and home on the bus.

It was rather grey when we got up, but by lunchtime the sun was out, so windows opened and DB did a bit more at the garden.

I made some chocolate muffins to have with our afternoon tea and a salad to have with our supper, cheese and onion quiche.......we will have the two bits of cheese cake that DD2 sent us home with last night for dessert.

I have not done much today except make the bed, started a really good book last night so have spent part of the afternoon reading.

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  1. Isn't it nice to have errands finished early in the day so the arvo is yours to spend at home doing what needs to be done and doing what you want to do? I love heading out in the morning and heading back home before noon, too!

    The 2nd load of laundry is about to go into the washer but I'm uncertain whether to put cotton sheets on the bed of stay with flannel for another week. The nights are warming up, but perhaps not enough quite yet!

    We have quiche to enjoy with salad, too.

    My dilemma is whether to add a middle border to Arctic Blast or not. DH says yes, but I like it with only two borders plus no fabric just right for the middle border comes to mind. Stay tuned.



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