Friday, 4 April 2014

Irs Raining

First rain we have had early morning for a while. DB finished digging the garden yesterday and put a couple more plants in, so no watering needed today.

Friday clean done. As the sitting room is so big, I just do it on Friday and leave the kitchen till Saturday after breakfast. then I gut the kitchen.

We now have a smell of jeyes fluid coming up in the second bedroom. R the gardener was here yesterday and swilled the cellar floor with said jeyes fluid in hot water to get rid of the drain smell. Oh well window open hopefully it will dissipate during the day, glad we have no one sleeping in there just now.

Need to make cake, have DS2 coming in the morning a list of jobs for him to do, DD2 due with DGD on Sunday afternoon, think carrot cake will go down ok.

Physicking myself up to get back into the sewing room, also need to start putting stuff together for our holiday; 2 weeks today we will be in The Lakes for a couple of days before moving on to Culzean.

Supper tonight fish and chips for DB no chips for me salad instead. Banana for dessert.

The top corenr of the long border, I need more plants to fill this border up.

Right down the long border to the bathroom window, the pots are on the patio. I plan to put clematis on this wall a bit later, we have to sort out the trellis.

The corner under the bay window, again a lot more plants needed here.

The drain pipe is the dividing line between the two apartments. More plants needed. There are lots of grannies bonnets mixed in with the bulbs, once the flowers have died down we will lift the bulbs out, dry them off and replant them in the autumn, then we can seperate the grannies bonnets and replant them.

Looking along the border under the window.

This is DBs next challenge, he is going to dig this out and put in some potato's to break up the ground, we will also put in some french beans which will help. This bit of the garden does get some sun despite the tree, its having it crown lifted later in the year.

The trees that are due to be felled will not be done until after the baby birds have fledged and left the nests, we have quite a few building in various trees that surround the garden.


  1. The flowerbeds are so much prettier than they were before you and DB arrived. Applause, applause!!! Well done you two!!!!

    I certainly can understand why the Friday clean has been changed to two stages. You are so right that the size of the new sitting room is a delight but makes it enough to clean by itself. This morning I've been cleaning house here, too, and I am tired.

    Hope you can turn your thoughts and some energy to sewing soon as it might be nice to have a project or two in need of hand stitching with you on holiday. You know the one block plus borders wall quilts I make would be quick to stitch up and make nice gifts so you could be ahead on birthday or Christmas presents. Just a thought.

    Cheers that DS2 will be getting your new table together tomorrow along with other helpful tasks and that you'll see DD2 and DGD on Sunday! Carrot cake sounds like a treat!


  2. Your flower borders are looking good and will be very colourful when they all bloom, DB has done a great job.



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