Monday, 28 April 2014

Home James and don't spare the hosses

I did not sleep too well, it was raining hard and quite windy,DB woke and announced it was 5am, it was actually 7.30!

Afer breakfast we went into Kendal and checked the tyres and put diesel in the car. Back at the caravan I packed away all the clothes we are not going to need tomorrow and did some tidying up
 I have lost a small present we bought for DD2, cannot find it anywhere....arghhhhhh.

Quiet afternoon relaxing. It is not a bad day but a bit too. Pol to sit outside, the birds are singing away in the trees behind us.

I have managed to get scotch pies, 4 are destined for the freezer at home the other two for supper tonight with baked beans and mash,banana for dessert, cream for DB yogurt for me.

It has been a good holiday in some respects not so good in others, we now know that more than 10 days away is just too much, as is travelling around too much. From now on we will be taking shorter trips and using one site as close as possible to the area we want to explore. We are hoping to go to our favourite site in Manton before it closes for the year at the end of September, it's only a short ride from where we live, about half an hours travelling time. Site overlooks Rutland Water, lots to see.

So tomorrow we return to our apartment and the garden, time to settle in for a nice summer, I hope.


  1. As the saying goes, "Live and learn" so this delightful trip and the beautiful vistas that have greeted you did carry the new lesson that future trips will entail less moving of the caravan and more sightseeing. Nice!

    I hope the trip home is pleasant and uneventful and that DD2's gift shows up as you unload and unpack.

    Goodness me - today I'm 63 and not one bit taller. Sigh! :)


  2. Have a safe trip home and then enjoy your home surroundings. You are really so new to your apartment that that must be like a holiday too..
    I recall when I moved, at first it felt like I was in someone else’s home and I was a guest.
    I know exactly what you mean about long trips, I favour shorter, local trips these days.
    You know what they say, there's no place like home!
    Love from Pam in TX.

  3. Hoping for safe travels for you tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  4. I am glad you have had a good time away; the weather has not helped with things though, real mixed bag. I had disturbed night with the rain a couple of days ago, it is a problem when trying to sleep in a metal box!! Even though we have a motorhome, when we are travelling we tend to stay in places for at least three or four days, I think caravans traditionally were more for going to a place, unhitching then exploring the area with your car, returning to your caravan at night. I hope you have a safe journey home, and I am sure everything will turn up - eventually!!

  5. Was that a typing mistake - "half an hours travelling time" from home? I feel sure it must be or surely you wouldn't go to all that trouble organising the caravan when you could travel there and back every day, do your sightseeing and be home again?


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