Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Home again

We were away from e site by 9.45, having siad goodbye to our friends once again. A lovely morning. bright sunshine and very little wind. The weather stayed good all the way back.

We stopped off at Sandbach for some lunch and a toilet stop and then continues onwards towards home.

We arrived just before 3pm. We have unpacked the van, the washing machine is loaded ready to wash tonight and two more piles on the floor waiting. DD2 and DGD had taken good care of the house whilst we were away. all the plants are doing well and some of the seeds have germinated. The garden is looking good although there appears to be a lot of grass coming through in one of the beds.

Our upstairs neighbour was sitting out enjoying a break from marking her students work. She told us that have made an offer on a house in Nottingham and are waiting to hear if its been accepted, so they are not going to be here for long. R was out with the children getting her washing in, so a bit of a gossip session.

A quick supper tonight, fish and chips with banana for dessert.

I have loaded the photographs I took and will publish some of them tomorrow.

We enjoyed our time away, it was just disappointing that two of the sites were not really what we were looking for, hence our early arrival home. We would normally stay at least 3 nights on a site so we can visit various places in the area. We spent a very restful few days at the site in the lakes.


  1. Good that you had a safe journey.

    Is the upstairs neighbour the one you complained about as being noisy? Hopefully you'll get someone quieter.

    Looking forward to seeing the photos.

  2. Ah, be it ever so humble, there's truly no place like home! Glad you're safely back home and that the weather for your journey was pleasant.

    Cheers for your competent and careful house minders!!

    Yes, it would be wonderful if the upstairs flat was occupied by someone who loves to wear slippers and who walks quietly. May it be so!

    More rain today and even more tonight and tomorrow. Methinks we've slid a couple of inches closer to North Carolina since they're downhill from here, globally speaking. :)


  3. I enjoy going away. But there is nothing better than being back and sleeping in your own bed. Good luck with all the washing.


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