Monday, 21 April 2014

Gosh that was a windy night.

The wind really got up last night, the blooming cover to the water pump was whapping against the side of the caravan, did not get a lot of sleep.

Weather continues to be sunny but the wind has got up again since we got back this afternoon.

We set off this morning for Rabbie Burns cottage and the museum, we were the only ones at the cottage although there were a lot of cars in the car park. We walked down Poets Path to the museum. A new building with lots of information and artefacts belonging to the poet. It was difficult to take photographs in there.

We walked back to the car and had our lunch before setting off to Aldi in Prestwick, we also filled the car up and checked the tyres.

We came back via the fishing village of  Dunure, we had a look at the harbour, quite a few boats in, then parked on the layby over looking the sea whilst we had another cup of tea and a cereal bar, the road followed the coast all the way back to Culzean. As we drove along the road we could see the Castle in the distance on the promontary, quite a few cars leaving as we turned into the road to the site.

Since we have been back we have sat and read. DB is entering his journey on this laptop, I managed to get a signal on the mi fi, so thought I had better bring my blog up to speed. 

Tomorrow morning we are going down to Souter Jon IRS Cottage and the harbour at Maindens. We will be back here for lunch and tidy up the van ready to leave on Wednesday morning and make our way down to Kirkcubright.

Supper tonight, sausage and mash, I forgot the beans, banana and cream for dessert.

I. Ought a pineapple in Aldi on Saturday we have been having it for breakfast instead of porridge, enough left for tomorrow, then it will be back to porridge!!


  1. Cheers that all is going so well despite the lack of beans. Hope the noisy flap has been well secured so even if the wind comes up, you two can sleep serenely.

    Have been following your journey on the map and am enjoying that.

    Am about to put another coat of Mod-podge on the map covered trunk. Have not sent you photos yet as I didn't know if they would overwhelm your computer connection.

    Our guest may come next week if he comes at all.


  2. Glad you are having a lovely holiday. Look forward to seeing some pix when you are able to. Thanks.

  3. I hope you managed to get to see Souter Johnnie's cottage. I had to look up online to find out who he was!! You didn't post on Tuesday so I hope all is well with you both and that your journey to Kirkubright is uneventful. Enjoy the remainder of your holiday.



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