Friday, 18 April 2014

Catch up

We left just on 10am, and arrived safe and sound at the site just after 2.30. We had a lunch stop on the way. Our friends were on a day off getting their motor home MOT'd.

By. 3.30 we were sitting having a cup of tea and cake. There were several van came on quite late, guess they had travelled after work etc.

We played our usual game of Scrabble, I won one game but am still trailing behind DB.

We had a problem with the hot water, could not get any, when I was making up the beds last night I suddenly remembered there is a reset button on e boiler, pressed it, and this morning we had hot water!!!

We both slept well, I usually have a problem sleeping the first night, but I must have been so tired, I dropped off and did not wake until after 7am.

Bright sunny morning, after breakfast we set off for Aldi at Kendal.
They had got. Obelisks one ended up in my basket, that's the end of the spending on the garden......or anything else fort hat matter. Travelling back to the site we were in a huge traffic jam, traffic trying to get into Windermere, it was slow and stop right past the entrance to the site.

I called in to see C in the office, they are manic again today, the site is full until after the holiday, lots of vans and motor homes coming in right up till heaven knows when tonight. We have arranged to meet them for a drink and a catch up in the pub on the site round 8pm tonight.

When we got back from Kendal we put the table and chairs up and sat out, there was quite a cooling breeze.

Tomorrow we set off on the next part of our trip to Culzean.......more about that later.

No pictures so far, although I did take one of the couple behind us putting their awning up. Any of you who have caravan de will know the perils of putting an awning up, many a divorce has resulted. This couple were no exception, the lady ended up getting a chair and sitting down and watched he husband struggle to get it up. He gave up after getting the roof piece on and they are using it as a sunshade!!

Fish, new potatoes, cauliflower and mustard sauce for supper. Strawberries were 89p in Aldi, I bought a punned, dessert for 2 nights.


  1. How wonderful to hear your trip up to the Lake District went well and that you'd arrived well in time for tea. It's even better that you both slept well last night, too.

    Bother about the traffic, but your cupboards and little fridge are well stocked.

    I had to chuckle at your story about the trials of putting up an awning. Long ago I had to help put up an awning on a tent in a dust storm and the wind just about sent little skinny me up into the air with the awning flap!

    Enjoy time with your friends this evening and have a safe trip tomorrow!


  2. Hope you have a good holiday xxx

  3. Happy Good Friday & Easter! Enjoy your holiday and can't wait to see pictures.

    Jake's a Girl


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