Friday, 25 April 2014

After The Lord Mayors Show - The Dustcart

We travelled from Kirkcudbright this morning to an overnight stop just outside Dumfries. Tomorrow we travel back to the site at Kendal for 3 nights and then home.

We have been into Aldi at Dumfries and also called to fill up the car with diesel, another fill up will be required before we leave Kendal on the long haul home. What fuel is left in the car will have to last us until the end of May, so no trips. Every penny will be a prisoner for quite a while now. One thing we have decided is that 2 weeks away are really too much; we also need to pick just one or two places to stop our long haul touring days are really over.

It has been a rather grey day, it started to rain a while ago. Looks like it's set in for the night, hope it has stopped by the time we are ready to set off tomorrow. I hate towing the van on the M6 when the lorries are hurtling past.

No photographs today, it's been too grey, hope the rain does not last through the night.We do not like packing up in the rain!!


  1. I understand how the initial fun diminishes as the wish for your own bed, dishes, lamps, and such grows. Two weeks is a long time and with all of the stops you had planned, there was a lot of work packing up, then setting up repeatedly.

    Hope the weather cooperates with you and all is clear for the rest of your time away.

    Enjoy the relaxation of your evenings in the caravan and after just a few sleeps, you and DB will be home again.


  2. Safe journey on your way home

  3. Perhaps just 2 camp sites would have been the answer. Still, you certainly did a lot of sightseeing during your time away. As Barbara Anne says, there is nothing like getting back to your own cosy bed. I always feel like that after being away. Safe journey along the motorway, and enjoy being back in the Lake District again.


  4. From Margie in Toronto - looking forward to seeing some photos once you get home. You seem to have had a good time despite not the best of weather. I think you are wise to realize what you are up to and what is just too much. I travel a lot with two friends and we are about 20 years younger than you, but even so we find that two weeks away is usually enough - and that is when staying in hotels not driving and setting things up every few days. Hope you enjoy your last few days on the road.

  5. I can't manage two weeks, so I understand, but you got a lot into those weeks. It will be nice to have a rest with the memories. WS xx


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