Sunday, 20 April 2014

A sunny day in SW Scotland

It's been a lovely sunny day here, at 7pm the sun is still shining.

After breakfast I packed up a picnic and we set off to Culzean castle. We were there early and there were not many cars in the car park, it was different when we came out. The Castle is built down on the cliffs over looking the Firth of Clyde. There was a little bus taking people up to the Castle from the car park, so we hopped on. I was glad we had there was quite a hill up to the main door.

I took a lot of photographs but I cannot publish them on my blog, you will have to wait a bit for the ones I took outside the Castle, I have to try and sort out how to do them on my y Ipad. The guide we had was very good, lots of information but delivered in a very humerous way, he was very happy to answer questions as well.

When we came out after our tour we ate our picnic lunch and set off for the walled garden, not a lot to see, they had plants for sale, they were very expensive, so none founds their way into my bag. There was a craft fair on which we had a look at and also went in the visitors centre.

Back at the caravan the sun was still shining but the breeze had arrived again, so it was cooler. We had tea and cake and then sat and read for a while.

The island of Arran is just opposite us, it's been hidden in most for most of the day, but it has just appeared very ghost like out of the mist.

Tomorrow we are going to Robert Burns cottage at Alloway. We then plan to go on to Ayr for a stock up before we go down to Kirkcubright for our lazy days at the seaside.




  1. Sounds like that was a perfect day! So happy the weather is good for your trip.

    Mary x

  2. Sounds lovely - will look forward to the photos xx

  3. Your day sounded Fab.


  4. What a wonderful day you had at the castle and surrounding grounds and buildings! I was glad to hear the weather was pleasant and there were no huge annoying crowds at the castle. I look forward to seeing the photos!

    Hope your sojourn to Robby Burns' home tomorrow is as nice in every way.

    It's been a busy day here, with lots of cooking, a nice family meal together, and the fun of little Easter baskets for each of us.

    We've learned that our possible guest won't be here until after the 26th if he comes at all and that suits us.

    Have fun!


  5. You sound to be having a great holiday, with plenty of good weather too. Look forward to seeing the photos on your return.


  6. Will you be travelling along the Solway coast tourist route from Kirkcudbright to Gretna? Some beautiful scenery along that way and pretty little villages along the coastal route. Nice tearoom in New Abbey too if you stop off there, car park behind the Abbey and tearoom right opposite the Abbey. I'd love to see a photo if you go there, would bring back memories for me.
    I hope the weather stays good for you.


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