Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Bit of a Nothing Day

DB went for his INR test this morning, as I forgot to pay some cash into the bank yesterday I went in too, also picked up a white buddleia, 3 phlox roots and 3 Day Lilies for £3.

After lunch DB espied someone in the car park. The chap was rodding the drains, apparently our end of the house was fine but the front end was blocked with fat, he had to break it up to get it out. We had noticed a smell in the second bedroom on Monday, obviously thats what we could smell. The chap said it had been building up for more than a year.

Wood preservative and another hanging basket bracket from B & Q and then on to Tesco for a few things I needed from there, home for a cup of tea and a chocolate muffin.

Supper tonight, liver and bacon, mashed potato, cauliflower and carrots, the plum crumble for dessert.

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  1. As usual, you and DB had a day of accomplishments and how wonderful to get more plants at bargain prices!

    Cheers that the unpleasant odor in your 2nd bedroom should disappear soon after that drain was cleared. Can you imagine how strong the smell would have been after you'd returned from your upcoming trip?

    It's sunny and warm here and I hope to bestir myself to get outside to do a few things.



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