Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Photographs of our visit to Burns Cottage on the page marked Ho;iday Photos at the top of my blog.

I will publish the rest as part of my blog starting tomorrow. I have managed to crack getting the photos onto the blog, its took me 4 hours but I have done it

post holiday

we slept well last night, it did take me a while to get off though.

Laundry did in te machine, ready to go out when we got up, the whily was almost full. When we got home yesterday we foundan appointment for DB to go and see a speech therapist so off to see her, she did a couple of tests with DB drinking and swallowing a biscuit. Nothing unusual, so she is writing to our GP to send him for further tests.

DD2 came after lunch, DB was in the garden so we had a nice chat. I gave her the key ring we had got for her, she is working tonight.

I am having problems publishing the photographs I took. Every time I go to load one it goes into Sky drive.....stupid thing. I wish I had never updated the blooming thing. I will conquer  it but it just might take me a while.  I hate windows 8, its so blooming complicated.

Supper tonight pork and bean casserole in yogurt with new potatos and cauliflower. Strawberry fluff for dessert.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Home again

We were away from e site by 9.45, having siad goodbye to our friends once again. A lovely morning. bright sunshine and very little wind. The weather stayed good all the way back.

We stopped off at Sandbach for some lunch and a toilet stop and then continues onwards towards home.

We arrived just before 3pm. We have unpacked the van, the washing machine is loaded ready to wash tonight and two more piles on the floor waiting. DD2 and DGD had taken good care of the house whilst we were away. all the plants are doing well and some of the seeds have germinated. The garden is looking good although there appears to be a lot of grass coming through in one of the beds.

Our upstairs neighbour was sitting out enjoying a break from marking her students work. She told us that have made an offer on a house in Nottingham and are waiting to hear if its been accepted, so they are not going to be here for long. R was out with the children getting her washing in, so a bit of a gossip session.

A quick supper tonight, fish and chips with banana for dessert.

I have loaded the photographs I took and will publish some of them tomorrow.

We enjoyed our time away, it was just disappointing that two of the sites were not really what we were looking for, hence our early arrival home. We would normally stay at least 3 nights on a site so we can visit various places in the area. We spent a very restful few days at the site in the lakes.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Home James and don't spare the hosses

I did not sleep too well, it was raining hard and quite windy,DB woke and announced it was 5am, it was actually 7.30!

Afer breakfast we went into Kendal and checked the tyres and put diesel in the car. Back at the caravan I packed away all the clothes we are not going to need tomorrow and did some tidying up
 I have lost a small present we bought for DD2, cannot find it anywhere....arghhhhhh.

Quiet afternoon relaxing. It is not a bad day but a bit too. Pol to sit outside, the birds are singing away in the trees behind us.

I have managed to get scotch pies, 4 are destined for the freezer at home the other two for supper tonight with baked beans and mash,banana for dessert, cream for DB yogurt for me.

It has been a good holiday in some respects not so good in others, we now know that more than 10 days away is just too much, as is travelling around too much. From now on we will be taking shorter trips and using one site as close as possible to the area we want to explore. We are hoping to go to our favourite site in Manton before it closes for the year at the end of September, it's only a short ride from where we live, about half an hours travelling time. Site overlooks Rutland Water, lots to see.

So tomorrow we return to our apartment and the garden, time to settle in for a nice summer, I hope.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Nice Day., Cool Wind.

We decided last night to 'sleep in' so it was well after 9am before we raised our heads.

No outings today, just a quiet day reading. We did take a walk round the site which is only about half full. It will be a different matter next weekend for the May Bank Holiday. Called at the shop and indulged ourselves with a white chocolate Magnum each, had a chat with C & C who were on duty.

Supper tonight, pork steaks, new potatos and veg, I have bananas, so DB will have his with cream I will have natural yogurt on mine.

Tomorrow we need to start sorting the caravan ready for our journey home and go to Morrisons to fill up the tank with diesel. What's left in the tank will have to last through next month. That should not be a problem with the bus being so close for trips to town. I will also have to brave a trip to Aldi for the months shopping.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

That was the night that was.

The rain did not give up until the early hours, it sounded as though someone was playing the drums on the roof.

It was dry when we got up, as we were having our breakfast it started to rain again, so the van was packed in the rain.

We made good time down the A75 and M6 and arrived on the Camping and Caravan Club site just at lunch time. We were greeted by the Manager with 'you are becoming regulars'. Chris sited us just opposite the toilet block, in a bay of 4 vans, handy for the showers and dish washing!!

It is fine, the sun keeps popping in and out and occasionally, there are deck clouds scudding by, as long as they drop the rain on someone else I will be happy. The site is quiet after Easter, the children are all back at school.

We may have a trip out either tomorrow or Momday but the idea is to have some time just chilling. I have 4 books I have read whilst we have been away, I will be going down to the games room and swapping them for something to keep me going until Tuesday morning.

The site at Culzean was excellent, lovely views and not far off the road, the site at Solway View was about 4 miles from Kirkcudbright up a very winding narrow road, we had trouble finding it too. The site we were on last night was also quite a way out of Dumfries, also off the beaten track up a narrow road with passing places. We were glad to navigate the road without meeting any other traffic.

I always enjoy being away in the van, but this trip  has shown us some lessons we need to take heed of in the future when planning where to go. 

I do not want to tempt fate, but DB has not had a dizzy since we have been away..... Fingers crossed.

Right that's it for today, I am off outside to read in the sun and maybe treat us to a magnum, they do the white chocolate ones here, yum yum.

Friday, 25 April 2014

After The Lord Mayors Show - The Dustcart

We travelled from Kirkcudbright this morning to an overnight stop just outside Dumfries. Tomorrow we travel back to the site at Kendal for 3 nights and then home.

We have been into Aldi at Dumfries and also called to fill up the car with diesel, another fill up will be required before we leave Kendal on the long haul home. What fuel is left in the car will have to last us until the end of May, so no trips. Every penny will be a prisoner for quite a while now. One thing we have decided is that 2 weeks away are really too much; we also need to pick just one or two places to stop our long haul touring days are really over.

It has been a rather grey day, it started to rain a while ago. Looks like it's set in for the night, hope it has stopped by the time we are ready to set off tomorrow. I hate towing the van on the M6 when the lorries are hurtling past.

No photographs today, it's been too grey, hope the rain does not last through the night.We do not like packing up in the rain!!

Thursday, 24 April 2014


Sorry we have been missing in action, could not get my IPad to accept a top up. Ended up having to ring them and do it.

We are both ok, although plans have changed a bit, we are starting to head south. We will be in Dumfries for 2 nights and then travelling back to the site we were on last week at Kendal for two nights arriving back in Melton on Tuesday instead of Friday.

Monday we went to Burns Cottage and the museum, they were having a pirate themed weekend, so we were met by a very fierce looking chap, with a dagger in his teeth. We walked from the cottage to the museum,it was very well laid out, lots of information I did not know.

It was a sunny day but again the wind was quite strong.

Tuesday we went down to Kirkoswald and Souter Johnnies cottage, it was not open when we got there, so we went down to the harbour at Maidens and sat for a while, then went back. The cottage was open but the alarm was going off, 5 hunky firemen arrived with a fire engine, went round the house and declared it a 'false alarm'.
One thing that struck me was the level of comfort in the cottage compared to Burns cottage, as a shoe maker, Souter Johnnie was quite well off. We also had a ramble round the churchyard where 
Burns great grand parents are buried. There were several other graves connected to Burns including that of Souter Johnnies wife who herself features in one of his poems.

We went back to the caravan for lunch and started to pack the van up ready for our journey down to Kirkcudbright. We had a massive rain storm. The water was pouring down the front of the caravan. It stopped for a while but then carried on through the night.

The site at Culzean was very quiet and peaceful, by the the we left on Wednesday morning there was only one other caravan on the site.

Wednesday morning saw us up and away just after 10am. I was driving, boy what a drive down the road to Stranraer, what a windy switchback it was. I was very glad to pick up the road to Dumfries.

We had a problem finding our site, the instructions were for coming from the south, not from the west, then a London drive round the bay to the site.  Nice site but a bit out of the way.

Another heavy storm as we were eating our supper, it did not last through the night.

This morning we made for Castle Douglas, we were in desperate need of a launderette, both of us down to our last pair of knickers. A nice town, we found the laundry and left our bag for a service wash. DB saw a sign for an antique shop, it was actually mor like a warehouse, crammed full, we saw a superb wardrobe, it would have looked very nice in our hall. DB espied a pretty lead crystal vase, we put it back on the shelf and went a bit further. I saw looking at some stuff on a table and saw in the next aisle a set of 6 perfect sundae dishes, we decided to see what we could do on a job lot, as I was going to pick up the vase I saw a pedestal cream jug, we came out with all of it packed in two bags. We took them back to the car and called in the Co-op for a few supplies and then DB saw a second hand book shop, we had to go in of course, we both came out with a book. 

After we picked up our laundry we set off for Broughton House in Kirkcudbright, we stooped in a layby for some lunch and then carried on into the Town. We had been to the house before in 1996 about the same time of year. It was the home of E A Hornel an artist who was one of The Glasgow group of artists. After going round the house we went into the very pretty gardens, there was a mangnificent magnolia tree. I will post the pictures of the trip when I get back.

Last night we decided that we would go on to Dumfries tomorrow for 2 nights and then head back to the site we were on last week for a couple of nights before returning home.

The weather has been glorious today warm and sunny, but now at just before 10pm the temperature is dropping.

So, having at last got back on line and brought you up to date I will say goodnight, will post more tomorrow.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Gosh that was a windy night.

The wind really got up last night, the blooming cover to the water pump was whapping against the side of the caravan, did not get a lot of sleep.

Weather continues to be sunny but the wind has got up again since we got back this afternoon.

We set off this morning for Rabbie Burns cottage and the museum, we were the only ones at the cottage although there were a lot of cars in the car park. We walked down Poets Path to the museum. A new building with lots of information and artefacts belonging to the poet. It was difficult to take photographs in there.

We walked back to the car and had our lunch before setting off to Aldi in Prestwick, we also filled the car up and checked the tyres.

We came back via the fishing village of  Dunure, we had a look at the harbour, quite a few boats in, then parked on the layby over looking the sea whilst we had another cup of tea and a cereal bar, the road followed the coast all the way back to Culzean. As we drove along the road we could see the Castle in the distance on the promontary, quite a few cars leaving as we turned into the road to the site.

Since we have been back we have sat and read. DB is entering his journey on this laptop, I managed to get a signal on the mi fi, so thought I had better bring my blog up to speed. 

Tomorrow morning we are going down to Souter Jon IRS Cottage and the harbour at Maindens. We will be back here for lunch and tidy up the van ready to leave on Wednesday morning and make our way down to Kirkcubright.

Supper tonight, sausage and mash, I forgot the beans, banana and cream for dessert.

I. Ought a pineapple in Aldi on Saturday we have been having it for breakfast instead of porridge, enough left for tomorrow, then it will be back to porridge!!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

A sunny day in SW Scotland

It's been a lovely sunny day here, at 7pm the sun is still shining.

After breakfast I packed up a picnic and we set off to Culzean castle. We were there early and there were not many cars in the car park, it was different when we came out. The Castle is built down on the cliffs over looking the Firth of Clyde. There was a little bus taking people up to the Castle from the car park, so we hopped on. I was glad we had there was quite a hill up to the main door.

I took a lot of photographs but I cannot publish them on my blog, you will have to wait a bit for the ones I took outside the Castle, I have to try and sort out how to do them on my y Ipad. The guide we had was very good, lots of information but delivered in a very humerous way, he was very happy to answer questions as well.

When we came out after our tour we ate our picnic lunch and set off for the walled garden, not a lot to see, they had plants for sale, they were very expensive, so none founds their way into my bag. There was a craft fair on which we had a look at and also went in the visitors centre.

Back at the caravan the sun was still shining but the breeze had arrived again, so it was cooler. We had tea and cake and then sat and read for a while.

The island of Arran is just opposite us, it's been hidden in most for most of the day, but it has just appeared very ghost like out of the mist.

Tomorrow we are going to Robert Burns cottage at Alloway. We then plan to go on to Ayr for a stock up before we go down to Kirkcubright for our lazy days at the seaside.



Saturday, 19 April 2014

We have made it to Culzean.....

We went to the pub for our breakfast this morning, I ordered a bacon and a sausage roll and we swapped so we had a bacon and sausage roll each. The sausage was  Cumberland, delicious.

We met C & C in the pub last night for a couple of drinks, it was so nice to catch up with them and hear their news, they are at the site as assistant managers, should be there until September unless they get their contracts extended, then they will finish when the site closes in January.

We were hitched and ready to go just after 9.30am a bit of a stressful journey in some ways. Quite a lot of fast moving traffic and motor bikes. Our sat nav sent us over Shap on the old A6 fabulous views but no where to stop for photos. We travelled through different scenery, forest and fells gave way to waste heaps from the coal mines at Cummock,, they were starting to  grow grass, so looked like hills, but trying to walk up them is not to be recommended, they are very unstable and can in fact burst into flames at any time.

Once we crossed the border we were travelling along mostly single carriage roads, lots of bends and also rather spectacular, rock and trees above us falling down to a stream at the bottom of a ravine, again no where to stop and get pictures.

We arrived here at the site just after 2.30. The caravan is set up, we have had tea and cake and I also have intermittent reception on the mi fi - hence this post.

It has been a very sunny and warm day, a breeze has sprung up just now which is cooling things down a bit.

Planed for tomorrow -  a visit to Culzean Castle so hopefully some pictures tomorrow.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Catch up

We left just on 10am, and arrived safe and sound at the site just after 2.30. We had a lunch stop on the way. Our friends were on a day off getting their motor home MOT'd.

By. 3.30 we were sitting having a cup of tea and cake. There were several van came on quite late, guess they had travelled after work etc.

We played our usual game of Scrabble, I won one game but am still trailing behind DB.

We had a problem with the hot water, could not get any, when I was making up the beds last night I suddenly remembered there is a reset button on e boiler, pressed it, and this morning we had hot water!!!

We both slept well, I usually have a problem sleeping the first night, but I must have been so tired, I dropped off and did not wake until after 7am.

Bright sunny morning, after breakfast we set off for Aldi at Kendal.
They had got. Obelisks one ended up in my basket, that's the end of the spending on the garden......or anything else fort hat matter. Travelling back to the site we were in a huge traffic jam, traffic trying to get into Windermere, it was slow and stop right past the entrance to the site.

I called in to see C in the office, they are manic again today, the site is full until after the holiday, lots of vans and motor homes coming in right up till heaven knows when tonight. We have arranged to meet them for a drink and a catch up in the pub on the site round 8pm tonight.

When we got back from Kendal we put the table and chairs up and sat out, there was quite a cooling breeze.

Tomorrow we set off on the next part of our trip to Culzean.......more about that later.

No pictures so far, although I did take one of the couple behind us putting their awning up. Any of you who have caravan de will know the perils of putting an awning up, many a divorce has resulted. This couple were no exception, the lady ended up getting a chair and sitting down and watched he husband struggle to get it up. He gave up after getting the roof piece on and they are using it as a sunshade!!

Fish, new potatoes, cauliflower and mustard sauce for supper. Strawberries were 89p in Aldi, I bought a punned, dessert for 2 nights.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Tomorrow we are off on our holidays

Busy morning, tonight pork and bean casserole cooked, lemon drizzle cake made and everything that can be packed in the caravan is in. Its just the last minute stuff to go in tomorrow morning, have put two freezer blocks in the freezer to freeze up, quite a bit of the stuff to go in the box is already frozen so it should all be ok until we get to the site tomorrow afternoon and I can re-freeze up the freezer compartment in the caravan fridge.

Its another lovely sunny day very little wind, so quite warm in a sheltered spot, will be going out to sit for a while with my book in a mo, relax for a little while and drink tea.

I heard from one of my friends this morning, she has been in hospital for 8 weeks, they found 2 growths in her intestines, so she has had to have a piece removed and then got septicaemia, apparently she was so ill they kept her in a coma for 8 days. Horrendous.........she is a really lovely lady, she just does not deserve this.

Tidied the sewing room so it looks presentable, also ran the hoover over the carpets to pick up any bits. just the sitting room to tidy when we go to bed tonight. Early start for us....7.30am I want to wash the sheets before we go and leave them on the airer in the hall. I am also going to put the de-humidifier on the timer to keep the condensation down whilst we are away, especially if we have some cold nights.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Two days to go and counting!!

Another bright morning, coolish but not the wind we had yesterday, I have a feeling the clothes on the whirly will be finishing off on the airer.

We moved the caravan, the blasted mover packed up again half way through, I had to ask K to give us a push to get it back. I think we need to make sure the battery is well charged before we use the mover. If it happens again when we are on holiday I will be complaining.

DB washed over the car and cleaned the windows of the caravan, so Thursday morning it will be hitch up and go!!

Quite a bit accomplished this morning, gammon joint cooked, now in the fridge will slice it tomorrow when it has had time to relax a bit. Made lentil soup with the cooking liquor for lunch. I also put the new battery in the caravan clock, I had to use a pair of tweasers to set the time, the little wheel that you are supped to use was not there just the stem, it took me quite a while.

DB decided to clean the car, we are going this afternoon to check the tyres, Morrisons for a couple of things I want and then to DD2's to leave the keys so she can walk up and check the house whilst we are away. She signed for her house today........

Tomorrow we will load the caravan with everything except the fresh food. I need to bake a lemon drizzle cake and a ring of scones to take with us. I also have to set up the card for the IPad so I can keep in touch whist we are away. I will probably do a separate page with photos of our trip the same as I did when we were away last year.

No sure whats for supper, should be macaroni cheese.....might end up being something else.


Supper tonight will be gammon and salad. When we got back from DD2's I used the slicer to cut the piece of gammon. 6 packs of 4 thin slices, plus 4 slices for supper with salad and a jacket spud. 1 pack of 4 thicker slices. all for £4.99. We are taking the thicker slices and two of the thinner ones with us on holiday. The thick slices I will reheat in the top of the steamer and serve it with potato wedges, veg and mustard sauce. The other two packs will go either into sandwiches or for a gammon and salad supper one evening. A jolly good buy from Aldi. Morrisons were selling their wholemeal bread flour off at 99p a bag, so one found its way into my basket.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Sunny Again

Sunny again today, laundry done over night out on the whirly, quite a strong breeze so it has dried.

Monday clean done, DB hovered and then went out into the garden, he has planted potatos in some ground he has dug, not sure if they will really do much, you just never know.

We decided to go into town after lunch and change our library books, we want to move the caravan tomorrow so we can put the power on and start to load up ready for Thursday morning. R and the children passed us whilst we were waiting at the bus stop, they were walking into town.

Back home, time for a cuppa and the last of DD2's carrot cake, laundry fetched in and whirly put away till tomorrow.

Supper tonight egg,chips and beans, plum crumble for dessert.

Some time ago I made 4 three dudes blocks from a video by Jenny Doan. I decided to make them into a table centre, had to fudge them a bit, because the blocks end up on the bias they can stretch if you are not  careful.

I have it to layer up and quilt.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Sun is Back

Lovely sunny morning, we were a bit late getting up, after breakfast DB went out into the garden.

Plum crumble cooked, veggies done for tonights supper. 

The clematis we put in have put on a growth spurt, several of them have had to be tied in to the canes and one has flowers on. The Azalea is almost in full flower, hope the rest of the flowers come out before we go away.

Neighbours downstairs have set up an easter egg hunt in the garden, so several excited children running around looking for easter eggs.

We have the french doors open its very pleasant listening to the birds.

In answer to a comment yesterday, we live in a 2 bedroomed flat but the rooms are big and its an old house 1910 ex hunting lodge so no double glazing etc. We were prepared for higher bills, but that one came as a bit of a whammy. Especially as I read the meter last week and we had only used about £20 over 10 days. Anyway it does not matter we are not with Npower any more anyway.

Busy week ahead several things to do before we go away.

The Aconites in the scree bed.

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Its the opening of the green day for DB's bowls and its grey and cold.......

We had the final bill from N power this morning for the gas, £95 for a months gas..... their daily charge is 24p. I am glad we have changed over, at least I can keep an eye on the spending on the gas each week, and the leccy once a month.

DB will be off after lunch for his first lot of bowls, they are not sure if they will play, but he will be home for supper, so lever and sausage. Banana for dessert.

We are trying to get ready to go away as well, medication sorted and put in a container. some of the dry goods are also in a crate, Monday after I have finished cleaning I will go through the list and start putting more stuff in.

Kitchen cleaned this morning, also discovered that the flange on the loo is leaking water from the cistern every time we flush, I found a pool of water on the floor this morning and when I pressed the flush there was water escaping. I have put a bowl under it for now. Did wonder whether it was condensation but its  deffo not that.

No idea what I am going to do whilst DB is out, will prep the supper, maybe apply myself to the sewing room, I want to make some strippy pot holders out of the stuff in the bits and strips box. I also fancy doing some zippered bags if I  can find some cheap zips, will have to have a look on the market on Tuesday.

Off to get some lunch DB wants to leave about 1.15, will ring me when he is leaving the club so I can put the supper on.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Another Sunny Day

It was a bit overcast when we set out to go to Aldi for shopping to go with us next week, fill the car up and get card for the mi-fi so we can use the Ipad whilst we are away.

Home in brilliant sunshine, after lunch I cleaned the sitting room and inner hall whilst DB was messing about in the garden, the grass by the front door had started to grow over the slabs, so he has cut it back.

Started putting things in a crate to go into the caravan ready for our trip. We will move it on Tuesday across the where our car usually stands and put the power on the charge the battery and make sure everything is k for Thursday morning. DB wants to leave before 10am, so we get up to Windermere mid afternoon.

The wind is beginning to get up, I have the french windows open will have to close them before it gets much cooler, watering the plants now thew sun has moved off the front border. The clematis we put in yesterday seem to be doing fine.

Supper tonight, fish and chips,banana and ice cream for dessert.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Suuny again

Sun was shining again this morning and it got quite warm in the garden, we decided it was time we put in the clematis, I thought we had 6 found in actual fact we have 10!! Two of them are quite small so I am going to re-pot and grow them on for another year.

The two wigwams at the back have cleamtis going up them, the hostas are all shooting.

Just on the corner of the house, the flowers are starting to form on this one.

     There are 5 wigwams 4 on the wall and one on the corner.

This is the Azalea my friend gave me over 15 years ago. Its still going strong and will be full in bloom shortly.

                    The alpine bed in the front edge of the patio.

The herb container by the door, I can just nip out and cut what I want.

We were out for most of the morning. R the gardener turned up to cut the grass, so the garden is looking quite posh. Its a pity the sun went in just as I was about to serve lunch. We were going to eat outside but it turned quite chilly, so lunch was taken in the kitchen.

Supper tonight, macaroni cheese, jacket potato, tomato and celery salad, banana for dessert.

I have to go to Aldi in the morning for a few bits we need to take with us, fill the car up with diesel at Tesco ready for our trip next week and get a pre loaded card for the mi-fi.

DB's palps did not last too long yesterday, they had gone by the time we went to bed. I was woken at just after 2am by someone coming in next door. Their stairs are against out bedroom wall, the door shutting woke me.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sun again - my goodness

DB has been out and washed the caravan, I was on ladder duty whilst he washed the roof, do not need any falls thank you. he also put in 3 phlox and swept the ash keys off the path outside the front door.

Our noisy upstairs neighbours were asked to move some stuff they had put on the grass which they did with very bad grace, it is an even bigger mess now underneath R's kitchen window........

I stripped the chicken carcass and put it in the pressure cooker with carrot onion etc, it needs straining, I plan to freeze it, some will go on holiday with us as a base for soup.

I heard from a friend in Scotland this morning she says its still very cold up there so we may well need soup!! She also sent us a note from DB's sister which had been sent to our old address. He has not been in touch with her for several years, a long story, they have never really got on. An email message has gone to her, we will see  what happens next. He did suggest we change the last part of our holiday plans, but I feel the first time they meet should be on neutral ground. We await a reply.

It turned cold this afternoon when the sun went in, the gas fire had to be put on I was frozen.

Chicken and apricots in yogurt sauce with rice for supper, chocolate fluff surprise for dessert, the surprise is the raspberries in the bottom.

DB has the dreaded palps, only 2 weeks since his last go, hope we are not in for a ramp up of them.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Just a little sun

The sun was shining when we got up and the washer had finished, so out on the whirly it went. The windows were dripping so turned off the heating and opened the windows. Thanks to the locks we were able to leave them open when we went out.

DB went to the library, I got off the bus and nipped into our old letting agents then walked down to the council offices to hand something in. I had to wait over an hour just to hand in a piece of paper.

Walked back to the market to get fruit and veg, called to get the TV choice and met DB waiting for the bus.

Our LL was at the flats when we got home, so a quick chat.

Clothes dry so put them to air and ironed the sheets duvet cover etc from yesterday.

We went through the things that are already in the caravan we can tick them off the list. Started the 'clothes to take' on the guest bed. I was surprised there was very little water in the condensation trap. We will move the caravan closer to the house next week, so we can top up the battery and start the fridge freezing up. I also need to check the car tyres and put in diesel. I just need to sort out the food we are taking with us.

Sitting down now with a cup of tea and a piece of carrot cake.

Supper tonight, bacon fritatta and salad, the last of the lemon sponge for dessert.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Wot happened to the rain? It arrived today

Very dull, overcast and raining!!

Bed stripped and in the washer hoping the rain will clear and I can get the sheets etc on the line for a blow.

Thankfully DB was ok yesterday, fingers crossed for today.

I hate technology, I use MS money to keep tabs on my spending, went in this morning and entered up, did not tally with the bank, so closed it down. Printed off my statement to reconcile where I had gone wrong, opened up money it the whole of this months entries had disappeared, no where could I find them, so had to get DB to read out payments etc so I could set the wretched thing up again. Still waiting for the payment from Sky over a week now since they said they had actioned it........ggrrrrrr............

Monday clean done. We have to go out this afternoon and collect a table. I have spent my next months pocket money on a small lamp table from Guntree, we needed a lamp in the hall rather than keep putting the big light on, this table will do fine.

Not a very good picture, will take a better one when I get the table home.

Table collected, was greeted at the door by 2 little girls, the youngest of which had lovely curly hair and insisted on showing me 'the itchy rash on my tummy' I hope to heaven its not chicken pox or something equally as horrid.

Chicken casserole using the legs of yesterday chicken, with mash carrots and peas. Enough of the lemon sponge for tonight and tomorrow.

                              Top of the table I picked up.
Sitting in the corner ready to be switched on.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wot happened to the rain?

It was supposed to rain today, when we got up the windows were dry, so the out side temperature must have gone up a bit and the ground was drying up. A couple of loads of washing on the line.

DB had another very nasty attack last night, thats 3 in 3 days, a bit concerned about our holiday, will see how this week goes.

Cleaned all the windows I could reach inside and out and washed the window reveals. Did a bit of rearrangement on the kitchen window cill. My weighing scales and weights are now in the cupboard in the wall. I use a set of digital scales but like to keep the weight scales' just in case'

DD2 and DGD came after lunch for an hour, so tea and cake. I fetched the washing in, the sky was looking a bit grey, its now finishing off on the airer in the hall. DD2 went home to take her laundry in too. I doubt we will need the heat on tonight, it seems to have warmed up a bit.

Supper tonight, roast chicken and all the trimmings, lemon sponge pudding for dessert, should do us for a couple of nights supper desserts.

Saturday, 5 April 2014


DS2 arrived just as we were finishing our breakfast, having had a lie in till 9am. After a cup of tea he started.

Tooth mug holder and shelf in the bathroom, unit up on the wall in the sewing room, two brackets for hanging baskets either side of the french windows. Locks on the sitting room, bedroom and kitchen windows, sorted the table for the kitchen and helped DB put the shed on its base. All on 2 cups of tea and 2 rounds of toast and honey. He then shot off back to Corby to do his shopping.

So the sewing room is now looking good, had a bit of a move round and reconnected the sewing machine.

Moved the cutting mat on the unit to the left so my rulers are by my right hand, easy to pick out the one I want. Hoops for embroidery on the machine on the hooks at the bottom of the wall unit. I also have my large cutting mat under the machine so I can just scoot the chair along and cut on the board.

After DS2 left we had soup and bacon and brown sauce sandwiches for lunch on the table in the kitchen, brilliant.

It was dull but not too cold this morning, the sun is trying to break through, it could be a nice afternoon.

Supper tonight fritatta and salad, I have some creme brulee left and some raspberries, so with a drop of cream that will do for dessert.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Irs Raining

First rain we have had early morning for a while. DB finished digging the garden yesterday and put a couple more plants in, so no watering needed today.

Friday clean done. As the sitting room is so big, I just do it on Friday and leave the kitchen till Saturday after breakfast. then I gut the kitchen.

We now have a smell of jeyes fluid coming up in the second bedroom. R the gardener was here yesterday and swilled the cellar floor with said jeyes fluid in hot water to get rid of the drain smell. Oh well window open hopefully it will dissipate during the day, glad we have no one sleeping in there just now.

Need to make cake, have DS2 coming in the morning a list of jobs for him to do, DD2 due with DGD on Sunday afternoon, think carrot cake will go down ok.

Physicking myself up to get back into the sewing room, also need to start putting stuff together for our holiday; 2 weeks today we will be in The Lakes for a couple of days before moving on to Culzean.

Supper tonight fish and chips for DB no chips for me salad instead. Banana for dessert.

The top corenr of the long border, I need more plants to fill this border up.

Right down the long border to the bathroom window, the pots are on the patio. I plan to put clematis on this wall a bit later, we have to sort out the trellis.

The corner under the bay window, again a lot more plants needed here.

The drain pipe is the dividing line between the two apartments. More plants needed. There are lots of grannies bonnets mixed in with the bulbs, once the flowers have died down we will lift the bulbs out, dry them off and replant them in the autumn, then we can seperate the grannies bonnets and replant them.

Looking along the border under the window.

This is DBs next challenge, he is going to dig this out and put in some potato's to break up the ground, we will also put in some french beans which will help. This bit of the garden does get some sun despite the tree, its having it crown lifted later in the year.

The trees that are due to be felled will not be done until after the baby birds have fledged and left the nests, we have quite a few building in various trees that surround the garden.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Sand Cloud

No idea if its over us, it is cloudy but fairly high. Its quite cool this morning too.

DB digging over the last bit of the garden in front of the bay window, the garden is beginning to look ok especially the border down the side of the patio.

R the gardener camethis morning, someone had smashed the lock off the shed door where he keeps the mowers, nothing appears to be missing though. DB said that our shed door was open as well but nothing had been taken.

Usual household type jobs, windows are open to clear the condensation, will close them later.

Pot of leek and lentil soup on the hob for lunch, made a loaf yesterday so sliced it ready to have with the soup.

Yesterday I linked up with my youngest niece in law. DGD had sent her an email about something to do with work. A realised who it was and contacted her, so facebook went to work again. I have not seen any of them for well over 20 years. Her sister who moved to Aus has found a long term rental house they all like, so now they just have to wait for their furniture to arrive on the ship and they are all set. I am thinking about setting up a meeting between my children and their cousin and her children. We certainly have the room.......

Supper tonight cauli and calebrese gratin, jacket potato, tomato and celery salad. Banana something for dessert, might justsettle for sliced banana and cream.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Bit of a Nothing Day

DB went for his INR test this morning, as I forgot to pay some cash into the bank yesterday I went in too, also picked up a white buddleia, 3 phlox roots and 3 Day Lilies for £3.

After lunch DB espied someone in the car park. The chap was rodding the drains, apparently our end of the house was fine but the front end was blocked with fat, he had to break it up to get it out. We had noticed a smell in the second bedroom on Monday, obviously thats what we could smell. The chap said it had been building up for more than a year.

Wood preservative and another hanging basket bracket from B & Q and then on to Tesco for a few things I needed from there, home for a cup of tea and a chocolate muffin.

Supper tonight, liver and bacon, mashed potato, cauliflower and carrots, the plum crumble for dessert.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Its Market Day, it Must Be Tuesday

Quick trip to the Grange Drive shop this morning to send off a book I sold last night.

We set off for the library, I left DB there and went round the market, got some fruit and a couple of other things I was looking for and home on the bus.

It was rather grey when we got up, but by lunchtime the sun was out, so windows opened and DB did a bit more at the garden.

I made some chocolate muffins to have with our afternoon tea and a salad to have with our supper, cheese and onion quiche.......we will have the two bits of cheese cake that DD2 sent us home with last night for dessert.

I have not done much today except make the bed, started a really good book last night so have spent part of the afternoon reading.