Sunday, 16 March 2014

Yum yum

I made the steamed syrup sponge, gosh it was good.

Enough left for another day!!


  1. Your steamed pudding looks delicious. Perhaps you can give us your recipe too.

    So pleased everything is working out so well for you both in your new home. Shall really look forward to seeing more photos, especially your new garden, once the
    flowers start to bloom.


  2. I do hope you enjoyed it with custard.
    Helen in France

  3. Recipe, please and thank you! It does look delicious despite there being no "scratch and sniff" to really drive us crazy.

    Last night DH made lemon bread from a boxed mix that smelled wonderful as it baked ... and then he noticed it had a sell by date in 2000. It didn't rise and it had a weirdly dense strangely colored center so out it went. Check the dates on your boxed foods!


  4. Oh YUM!, on it's own, with custard. with cream, as long as it comes with a spoon.


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