Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Yukkk Rain

It was raining when we got up, by the time we were ready to go for the bus into town it was that horrible smurr that wets you through. Did not have to wait long before the bus appeared.

We both went into the library, DB to do some more research and myself to collect a few bits from the market.

I treated myself to a camellia, its red, cost me £3.50. DB will plant it, just now its stood outside the door.

Called on the market for some spuds, talking to the chap on the stall it was his fathers stall when I lived here before, and he still will take a shopping list and you can collect the order later.....its 20 years since I last shopped at the stall on Melton Market. It was his Father that ran the stall then, he took over when his father retired.

I was out of the house just over an hour. Cup of tea to warm me up and I made a ginger cake for afternoon tea. DB arrived just as I was putting it in the oven, so soup, cheese and biscuits for lunch.

Supper tonight herb fritatta and salad maybe cous cous or a jacket spud with it. No idea what to do for dessert.....will have to put my thinking cap on


  1. How lovely to be able to leave your list with the man at the market and return to pay and take your purchases! It's wonderful the son is carrying on as his father did.

    Your new camellia will be delightful for months ahead!

    Ick! I dislike penetrating damp and cold. Our messy snow/sleet seems to have missed us so far but rain/snow is still forecast for today at 100%.


  2. That sort of trader are few and far between now, there are 2 fruit and veg stalls on our local market and 1 of them does this.

  3. Wish I had such a market near me too. When I was growing up in Lancashire, we bought all our fruit and veg from the market.
    Our camelia's are full of buds and I'm desperate for them to bloom.
    So pleased to hear that one of your fav authors is Josephine Cox. I love her books
    and also Katie Flynn.
    I have a suggestion for your banana dessert. Slice a banana, take a sundae type glass, layer some crunchy granola cereal followed by the sliced banana's and top with toffee flavoured yoghurt. Do 2 layers then sprinkle some grated chocolate or cocoa powder on top. We love it.



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