Monday, 31 March 2014

Wot Sun??

Forecast sun for today, no sign of it yet, but it is not cold out. I washed towels overnight, they are out on the whirly.

Monday clean done, no prep for supper as we are going out for supper tonight to DD2's.

DD1 came this morning and brought an orchid and also some smellies from DGD. Very posh. It was good to see her although she was only with us for a short while, was on her way to pick up her husband so he could go and play golf this afternoon.

I made a table runner last year, I bound it and realised it did not have the proper mitres, so took the binding off, I needed to  the lengthen the binding a bit, so have cut and sewn 2 more strips onto the original binding, I now have to sort it out and do the binding properly. It can wait for another day.

DB has been sorting out the stuff that has to go back in the caravan ready for our holiday and also checking the lists of food I need to put in.


  1. How lovely to be surprised by sweet gifts!

    After two days of rain we have bright sunshine today. Hope the temperatures here and at your house warm up today as forecast.

    Your industry in taking off a less-than-perfect binding may just inspire me to do the same. A little Christmas wall quilt I bound several months ago has bulky miters on 3 corners and I am still unhappy about that. Might as well re-do it and be done with it.

    Enjoy your dinner out!


  2. We had a lovely trip to Scotland. This time we went on the ferry. It was good to be able to put our stuff in the car and not worry about flights.
    I followed your blog before going to bed each night.


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