Saturday, 15 March 2014

Wot a Gay Day as Larry Grayson would have said!!

It was rather misty and cool first thing. We went into town on the bus. OH to the library and me for a shuffle round the town. DB wanted a small bag of seed potato's for a barrel so Yorkshire Trading was the first port of call. Then walked through the market, lots of people about, the sun had come out by now.

Called in at Wilkinson, I bought 6 oriental lily bulbs with the gift voucher I was sent earlier in the week, 3 white and 3 pink. I really love the scented ones and always have a stalk in the house in the special lily vase I have.

Walked round to the library, sat and read the paper whilst DB finished what he was doing, into Iceland for a loaf of bread for toasting and then caught the bus home.

Bacon sandwiches for lunch. I made a batch of scones as DD2 and DGD were expected this afternoon.

DB spent more time in the garden this afternoon he has dug right round to the french door on one side and we have started to put plants in. I went in to perform with tea and scones and sat chatting to DD2. 

I bought some more wool and started another jumper for the newspaper babies, bright green and orange this time.

Supper tonight, sausage and mash, baked beans and onion gravy. Banana and ice cream for dessert.

Now we have the house almost as we want it, we are enjoying being here, It was lovely in the garden this afternoon and our neighbour was out hanging laundry out, stopped to have a chat which was nice. The new people have still not moved in upstairs, someone was here yesterday, but no sign of any furniture.....weird. The children were out playing football with Daddy, but up their end of the lawn. Mother warned them to keep away from the flowers.

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  1. How wonderful that your new home is nearly ship-shape so you and DB can turn your attention to more enjoyable matters. I know how much you both enjoy gardening and it must be an extra pleasure to have family nearby!

    It's sunny and warm here but windy and "wintery mix" is still in the forecast for tomorrow night and Monday.

    Today we began moving furniture so I need to excavate to find our bed under all the stuff we piled on it.



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