Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Woe is me

No really, although our holiday plans unravelled a bit this morning.

We had been hoping to spend some time with a fellow blogger, but unfortunately she is going to be away too, so we have had to revise our travels plans. So instead of going down to Port William we are going to be going on towards Dumfries.

Its fine, but rather chilly this morning. DB has been in the garden doing a bit more whilst I made a pot of scotch broth for lunch and oranges in jelly for tonight's dessert. Chicken and rice with yogurt sauce for main course. Will use white wine in the sauce rather than Brandy as I did last week.

I have also had to alter plans for DS2 coming, he is coming next weekend, so I am going to see my quilting guru on Friday. I have more jumpers for the newspaper babies.

Aldi tomorrow, will be going to the newsagent on the way, there will be a £5 off a £40 shop coupon in the mirror tomorrow. As I am going for my monthly shop I should manage the £40.

Plans to put the fire on this afternoon and knit up what's left of the jumper wool, I might just manage another jumper out of it, who knows.

I looked for the brightest yarn I could find, bright orange and neon green, two jumpers and hats.

Now this one is a bit different to see why you have to look at the next two pictures

                                            Well this side is green and orange.        

                               This side is orange and green.

I just had enough yarn to finish this jumper, its different on each side, clever what???


  1. How disappointing not to be able to visit with your friend while you're on holiday. Is there a way to change your travel schedule around a bit to arrive while this friend is at home? I suppose you and she have already noodled about this possibility tho.

    Cheers you'll be getting to visit your Friday friend this week and that DS2 will be coming soon to take care of a few jobs he's especially good at doing.

    It's sunny and really chilly today with a tiny bit of snow on the ground in the shady places.

    I keep forgetting to mention how lovely your new header is with your pretty flowers!

    Today I hope to sew.


  2. Very innovative jumpers. Can just see some tiny African babies wearing them.
    Enjoy Dumfries. Lots to see around that area.


  3. I think you will enjoy your holiday no matter what after the upheaval of the move and remember what a joy it will be to come home to your lovely new home.
    Could you direct me on the little jumpers etc. pattern / where to send them, as I like to knit in the evenings but not always a big project so these would be ideal.
    Thank you Su


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