Sunday, 16 March 2014

Will it last I wonder

Lovely sunny day, not particularly warm, but pleasant after all the rain and cold we have had.

I had a trip to Aldi in Syston this morning, the fridge was looking very bare. The queue to get in blocked the main road for more than 10  minutes, it was heaving inside.

Back at the apartment DB was cleaning out the van ready for our trip next month, we had carried garden tools in it when we moved it over, so the carpets needed the Dyson on them, the windows also need a clean.

DB was working in the garden when I got back, I should have taken some before pictures, but I forgot. We have started to put some of the plants in, its going to take quite a bit to fill in the beds they are quite wide. Might have to put a plea on free cycle

Supper tonight roast pork chops with roast potato's and stuffing, carrots, some green beans from the freezer and cauliflower. Having a bash at a syrup sponge in the steamer whilst I cook the beg. Its ages since I did one, thought it would be a change.

I sat and knitted another jumper last night and a second one is half done, when these two are finished thats it. I need to get back to quilting, all that fabric to use up.

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  1. What a nice day there and satisfying tasks accomplished, too! I look forward to seeing the borders and hope there are generous gardeners in the area who will respond to your plea. Come to think of it, there are photos of the mostly bare borders in the real estate pictures.

    Rain is forecast to start here in a couple of hours, with 1-3" of snow overnight accompanied by wintery mix of frozen mess, and a high of 36*F tomorrow. It will be a good time for DH and me to move furniture in between the two bedrooms.

    Enjoy choosing a quilt project to start on or to get back to!



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