Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wheres the sun

Dull grey and cold this morning, yuk....... quite a bit of condensation on the windows, I need to source something to dry them off with, all the paintwork is new, I do not want it going black with mould in the corners.

I have to have the ladders in this morning to put more curtain hooks on our bedroom curtains, there were not enough when DGD put the curtains up, I also have another pair to put on top of the hall wardrobe and then cover with polythene so they do not get too dusty.

Other jobs this morning, put the Dyson over the guest room floor and wash the kitchen floor. When I was going through a drawer yesterday I found the electronic mouse scarer we tried at the cottage, so last night I fixed it to a single trailing socket I have and shut it in the cupboard where I think the meeces are coming in. No signs of a visit this morning in either cupboard, so will continue to do it until I can get the wire wool the stuff the hole.

What next, will I do not know, I have a set of mats to bind and some more stuff to sort out in the guest/sewing room, might do that or I could possibly go into town on the bus.

Supper tonight is chciekn of some sort......banana for dessert.

                            The bed end of the guest room.

The sewing end, sorry the picture is not brighter, its a very dull morning and the flash did not seem to work properly.

Carpet in guest room done with the Dyson, kitchen floor washed. DB has retired to bed iwth a dizzy, the first for 17 days.


  1. The sun is in the Fens this morning - sorry you haven't got any - it is bright but chilly over here. You sound like you are getting sorted out now - well done xx

  2. Your little guest room/sewing room is coming together well! I am so glad the bed fit there so you have a haven to escape to when DB is having a restless night or one of you is sick. Ta for the photos!

    Cheers for thwarting the unwelcome mice with your electric gizmo!

    It's an overcast day here with a high probability of rain and thunderstorms this arvo. I hope we're back from AMIL's medical appt. and the two errands we need to run in that part of town before the rain hits.

    Sorry about the dd, but at least it didn't happen during the height of the move. Wishing you and DB well.


  3. Guest room/sewing room looks great considering how short a time it has been since you moved.

  4. You are a marvel to be so organised after such a short time.
    Enjoy your new home.
    Are the neighbours nice?
    Love Pam in Texas.

  5. From Margie in Toronto - if its any small consolation it's snowed here all day so about another 5 inches on the ground and the wind is howling! I love your new photo with the lovely yellow flowers at the door - don't think we'll see any Spring flowers for at least another month at this rate.
    The sewing room looks quite big and it's wonderful that it can double as a guest room. You have done an amazing amount of work already - I'll look forward to more photos when you have the chance.


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