Friday, 28 March 2014

What the heck????

Friday clean done, then off for a haircut and then to see my quilting friend. We always enjoy a cuppa and a chat. She was very pleased with the jumpers I took for her, thats 9 jumpers I have made in total for the African babies

Horrendous journey home, took me an hour and a half to do a journey that usually takes me forty minutes. So a quick cut through the back streets and on to the main road at Syston and so home.

DB has been working in his shed sorting more things out he has found another hanging basket so we will put 2 brackets up either side of the french doors.

We are off out tonight, skittles at the bowls club with a sausage and mash supper............


  1. Cheers that you got to spend a delightful time with your friend and hope all is well with her. Wonder what slowed the traffic down when you were en route home? Glad you knew of some back streets to use to get around some of the slow-down.

    How nice, too, that you didn't have to prepare dinner after your day away. Hope both the company and the food were wonderful.

    It's warm, nearly 70*F, but many stormy looking clouds have been overhead all day long although there's been no rain yet. I went to the library to swap books and DVDs and also got AMIL a large print book by an author she likes. The books are checked out for 4 weeks but the DVDs must be returned in 1 week.

    I plan to get these other 3 Ribbon Star blocks together.

    Sweet dreams!


  2. Sausage and mash, yum, onion gravy more yum. I detest driving when traffic is heavy and know most of the back roads where ever I go.


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