Wednesday, 19 March 2014


A dull, cold overcast morning, the sun keeps trying to come through, not managed it yet.

Parcel from Ikea arrived as we were having our breakfast, table top is the same as the one I use to sew on, looks like a butchers block, very heavy. I tried to put it together but my hands are not strong enough, it needs DS2 with his power screw driver.

I will take photos of the living room and publish them on Friday after the Friday clean. Did manage to sell the wheel clamp yesterday, spent that money on plants at the nursery.

Ironing done, towels washed overnight and on the line, there is a breeze so hopefully they will dry.

Think I am suffering from PRSS, post removal stress syndrome....DB came in this morning and said he was going to clean out the inside of the car. Then he came in to say he was going out, 5 minutes later he was back with the hand held Dyson, 'How do I change the head, cannot get this one off'', 10 minutes later, 'the Dysons battery is flat have we got a dustpan?' by this time I was ready to scream, I was trying to sort something out on the phone and had to break off to tell him where to find the dustpan!! AArrrrggghhhhhh.

Lentil soup made for lunch enough in the pot for a couple of days lunches. I made a loaf yesterday, I have a feeling that the yeast I am using is old and not doing its job properly, the loaf was quite flat and very close textured. The remaining packets are in the dustbin, I will get some new when I go to Aldi next week.

Supper tonight macaroni cheese, jacket spud, celery and tomato salad. We have bananas so guess whats for dessert????


  1. Glad you are getting settled in your new home and after all you've had to do PRSS is understandable! Especially with DB's antics. I have really enjoyed the recipes you have been posting and may try to make a syrup sponge soon. A couple of the specialty stores sell Bird's custard so I may pick up a packet or two :) Would you mind sharing your scone recipe? Looking forward to the Friday photos!

  2. So glad to hear you've made the most of today's hours and that you managed to keep from clobbering DB because of his many questions while you were on the phone. Methinks men lack some important gene that we women have that would enable them to find things like we can!!

    Since you've moved so many times in the last few years, it's hardly any wonder that PRSS has struck after this move. Hang in there!

    Have you thought of adding a Recipes category on the blog header? That would be handy for you and your readers. Ta for considering that.

    I'm looking forward to Friday's photos!


  3. Yeast should keep for ages in the fridge. I use Doves in an orange packet.
    Our stuff has been in the same place in cupboards since we had the new kitchen - 2 years and HE still can't find anything!

  4. Looking forward to the photos on Friday. It's funny how I like to imagine people in their home.
    Took my grand daughter to Iceland today. That was my good deed for today.
    Look after yourself

  5. Not surprised you are suffering PRSS. You seemed to have moved such a lot in the past few years, but hopefully, you and DB have now found a home to love and stay in.

    Looking forward to seeing your home now you are feeling more settled.
    Dreadful weather here today - wet, windy and cold!! Thought it was supposed to be the first day of Spring today. Dosn't feel like it to me.



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