Thursday, 20 March 2014


Windy and quite chilly. DB spent the morning doing a bit more in the border at the front of the apartment, its very matted with roots, weeds and grass.

I was a bit wobbit first thing so decided to have an easy day, Our LL is due this afternoon to read the meter and a chap is coming to check the fire extinguisher and blanket, we have a couple of questions for her too.

I have finished sewing up the jumpers and hats, not sure if I have enough yarn left to knit another jumper.

No housework this morning apart from making the bed and pushing the Dyson over the carpet in the living room carpet.

Supper tonight, chicken in brandy with apricots and rice. Banana for dessert I guess.

The weeks seem to be flying by, I have to do my menu for April, taking in 10 days of our holiday. I will take as much food as I can with us. Need to choose a better day than Sunday to go to Aldi to do my shopping!!


  1. Good for you in planning fewer tasks for your schedule today! You've been busy for weeks. I'm taking it easy today as all I did yesterday did me in.

    I can just imagine how complimentary your LL will be about all the gardening and planting DB and you have done in the flower beds around your home.

    How lovely to plan for the trip you and DB will take in April. Will the wild flowers be blooming at that time where you're going to travel?

    Dinner sounds delicious!


  2. Cor!! The Chicken in Brandy sounds DELISH!!! Hope a restful day does you good, you have been so busy during the past few weeks!


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