Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Morning After the Night Before

We enjoyed the skittle night very much. Supper was excellent, Sausage, chips and macaroni cheese. The sausages were from the farmers market very expensive and not something I would buy except for a special treat. There was curry for those who wanted it and several people went up for second.

We left just after 9pm. I slept well which is unusual for me if I eat later than 6pm.

A bit of a lie in this morning. Its a bright sunny morning, quite chilly, some people would call it bracing I suppose. Laundry on the line. DB is in the garden. We have discovered where the mouse might have been getting into the house, there is a hole where I think a waste pipe has been removed and not been filled in. So DB has filled it in as a temporary measure until we can get some mortar to fill it up. Can you get ready mix mortar???

Supper tonight is mince and maybe dough balls with carrot and calebrese. I got bananas at Aldi so possibly baked banana for dessert. I also bought some plums, I will part cook them tomorrow and put them in a crumble.


  1. I'm glad to hear you had a lovely evening at the bowls club dinner and that you slept well thereafter!

    Methinks there is a spray foam insulation that might plug up the mouse hole after you stuff it with steel wool. I don't know a things about ready-mix plaster but a phone call to a hardware store should give you that information. Good detective work!

    We have rain and another warm day. Radar shows the rain has moved past us, but there must be more on the way since the forecast for a stormy day is unchanged.

    My 4 Ribbon Star blocks are made imperfectly, but finished. Have decided to use the 1st border blue striated fabric also as sashing because I don't like the fabric rectangles formed when the blocks touch each other.

    I'd like to see your banana dessert recipes if it's not too much trouble. Ta!


  2. I checked with my hubby and he states that you can buy a bag of ready mixed mortar from Wickes. Multi purpose is £7.45 for a 25 kilo bag. Just add water. Hope this does the trick

  3. The skittles evening sounded like a lot of fun, and the supper was just what was needed to keep your energy levels up. Hope you are able to block up the hole to stop those pesky mice.
    Happy Mothers Day for tomorrow. I'm sure your son and daughter will be round with some goodies for you.



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