Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sunny but Cold

A sunny but chilly day. OH spent the morning in the garden I decided to attempt to do something to clear the guest/sewing room. Its coming along, I have managed to get the table for the sewing room in and have the big boxes underneath and also the brother machine in the corner, it gives me an L shaped sewing surface and I have room to cut on either side. Really pleased with that, its not idea but it will do.

I had a lovely surprise this morning, a card from a blogging friend with a gift card in it, so kind. I need to sort out something to get with it, maybe a plant either for the house or garden.

The handy man has been here all morning trying to get the lock off our bedroom door and put a new one on, the lock stuck and I was afraid we would get locked in the bedroom and not be able to get out!!

Things are gradually finding a place and boxes are disappearing into the rubbish bin.

Macaroni cheese for supper with a jacket potato and tomato salad. We have enough crumble to have for dessert.

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  1. How marvelous that you are already finding time to work in the guest room/sewing room and finding places for your belongs and fabrics!! Just goes to show you're the queen of organized moves to get to the last room less than a week after the last furniture arrived. Applause!!

    Your blogging friend was so kind to send you a gift card. Hope you have lots of fun using it for something that makes your heart sing.

    Hope the hot water is getting to the bathroom sink, that the French doors close properly, that the mouse's access hole has been closed, and that the bedroom lock works correctly now so there's no danger of getting locked in.

    Is the sitting room arrangement working well?

    Sunny with a forecast high of nearly 80*F today but Thursday's high may be only 39*F and there are some upcoming nights with below freezing temperatures.



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