Sunday, 2 March 2014

Slow Sunday

Bright morning, but it kept clouding over. Mr Hassle bags was at it again, he is just as bad as husband number one was; once he gets the bit between his teeth...........donkey was the word I am not!!

DS2 took the drawers out and doors off my wardrobe, so they went into the car along with some of my sewing stuff from the sewing room, moving the biggest bits first.

Once we dropped that off we went to Aldi in Syston to do a grocery shop and redeem the £5 coupon I had. Some stuff to the new place and some back here. The shop was horrendously busy, the world and his wife seemed to be there, I came in at under £40 thanks to the £5 voucher I had.

More stuff taken to the house this afternoon, the sewing room is almost empty now and we are down to bits and bobs, taking things we know we can do without.

The dresser in its new home.

Small book case and the DVD unit.

The wall unit standing against the wall in the hall, the new pine chest will stand underneath it. once its in DS2 can put the wall unit up and I can get the stuff back on it.

Two trips pulled in today plus our shopping trip. The pantry at the new house is full, I am now using an overflow cupboard on the wall.

The big bookcase here is empty all the books are on the floor waiting to go in when it arrives. I emailed the removers and asked them if they would bring 3 wardrobe boxes when they come to put the clothes in. We can unpack them as soon as they have the wardrobes in.

We sat in the sitting room for a while having a drink of tea and a piece of cake, I put the gas fire on to see how it heated the room, it was not doing a bad job, I have to set up the central heating timer when we get there too.

Back home to finish packing up the sewing room and cook the supper......more removals tomorrow.


I forgot to say that one of my trolls has surfaced again!! How the heck did they find me again?????


  1. Anne, my DH says to me some days this is our plan for today but it is actually his plan for me to do as he has a bad back since Xmas.
    You are doing well.
    Sylvia x

  2. Your new home is looking good, Men are very good at planning for us. Your troll is obviously a sniffer dog, perhaps you should call the dog warden. I hope the move goes well.

  3. You are doing so great with this move. Sorry and sad about the troll. I don't want to lose you again. I love your blog daily.

  4. Mean Queen has been experiencing Troll activity too. Just delete and enjoy your life and your blog, you do not have to answer to these poor twisted beings, bullies pop up every where, in real life and in the ether. I hope that the rest of the move goes well, you will be very tired, but hopefully it will be worth all the upheaval.

  5. Banish the troll as that bothersome person has no power here! Like Alison said, click delete and fret not.

    Cheers for the progress made today that has you so much nearer the end of this tiring process!!!!!! Love the pictures, but it's difficult to tell just which wall each piece of furniture is on! Kudos to DS2 and for all he's doing to make this move easier and your new home prettier!

    Another day closer! Rest well, dear heart!


  6. Trolls just want a reaction-hit delete and to hell with them. You have been very busy and have accomplished so much in a short time. Hopefully you will be able to have a well deserved rest in a few days.

  7. I am so glad to have found you again. You were blogger that I read from the UK over eight years ago. You inspire me. Your new place looks like it will be lovely!

  8. Hello, I was just wondering about your move, you have been describing moving so much furniture yourselves but today you mentioned the removals company. Are they unable to move everything for you?

    I'm moving in a couple of months and wondering whether to ask the removal company to do the whole thing, packing included, any thoughts on that please?


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