Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Settling in

Another sunny morning. I had washed the bedding overnight so it was ready to go on the line when we got up. Its dry and now awaiting ironing.

I had intended to start my cleaning routine yesterday, but having to go in to the council shot that up. I did managed to do the bathroom yesterday afternoon, so this morning did our bedroom, also ran the Dyson over the sitting room and the carpet from the front door that was looking bitty.

DB has been out in the garden again this morning, I was in the kitchen cooking a batch of mince, fairy cakes and a sponge sandwich.

I always check my bank account each day, the deposit was back in the account from our old property, yipppeeeeee so my bank account is looking a bit healthier.

We are feeling very 'at home' in our new home, getting used to not having to go upstairs t bed or to the bathroom is wonderful.

DB found a notice on the gate yesterday, several of the trees in the garden are going to have to be felled, there are ash trees which have ash die back and the chestnut at the bottom of the garden is overhanging the road, so has to be cut back. How I wish we had a wood burner!! the wood would keep us going for years.

We are off out for a jolly this afternoon, we need to go and see the chap about doing the caravan service and will carry on to our favourite plant nursery on the Nottingham road and see what plants they have. We have been so good recently I am going to buy DB tea and cake!!

Supper tonight is Spag Bol with garlic bread and the last of the syrup sponge for dessert.


  1. You sound so happy in your new home, and you are both so busy as well.

    I loved the 'photos, thank you for those.



  2. What a lot you accomplished today and am interested to hear what lovely plants you found to bring home from the nursery.

    It's wonderful to hear that your new home suits you and DB completely and that you're already settling in well. Will we see photos of the sitting room soon? Cheers that you found this place and got it before someone else did!

    Our ice is melting but it's still really cold so DH and I managed to get the double bed disassembled and moved into the wee guest room but other things must move before the bed can be set up. It's a bother to wear out so quickly, but that's lupus fatigue for you and it is what it is.


  3. Since moving to a bungalow (at 61) and already suffering from a troublesome ankle which required surgery and 8+ weeks on crutches, my leg and thigh muscles have become very, very weak, to the point that if I squatted or bent over while gardening for too long I found myself falling over and lying on my back like a stranded tortoise LOL. I am now having to do some gym work with a personal trainer (pricey, but necessary) and even if it hurts I walk up and down stairs in shops, theatres etc. at every opportunity. I hope that you don't mind me mentioning it is case it saves you and your OH developing similar problems. Pleased that you feel "at home" in your new home.

  4. Hope you both enjoyed your "jolly" this afternoon.

  5. It is nice to get your money back. You are settling in well. So happy for you.


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