Saturday, 22 March 2014


My goodness it was cold again this morning, the condensation was quite bad on the windows even in the sitting room.

Off to the library to pick up books we had reserved. I was looking for some window locks, no luck eventually found what I was looking for on Amazon, so 6 ordered for the windows. I means we can lock the windows so they can be left open but not opened any window wide enough to allow someone togain access.

After lunch DB spent some time washing the car so its clean inside and out now. I prepped the supper, liver and bacon with potato, carrots and calebrese. I also made a creme caramel, I have some peras I am going to put on the top and drizzle the caramel over the pears.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading. It got very dark at one point and poured with rain for a while, then it cleared and the sun came out again.

We had several bumps and bangs from upstairs, I guess they are moving them selves, do not think our LL was too happy they were driving their car down the side of the house on the grass to access the door.

Not much to report really, I need to get back to the machine and do some sewing.

Laundry in the washer to wash tonight, hope its fine enough to dry it tomorrow. We are going to try and get the whirly support in so I can use my own whirly.


  1. Glad to hear you and DB got your errands finished and were back home before the rain came. Isn't it nice to sit and read while it's raining outside? I love that.

    After years in cottages and upstairs flats, having noise from upstairs neighbors will be different. I hope they are courteous and walk around their home without shoes on. Hope they have lots of sound-muffling rugs to put on floors, too.

    It's sunny and nearly 80*F here but I have a blooming headache so am not enjoying it much. Did get some diagonal sewing lines drawn and am about to do some more. With these 3 directional fabrics I am having to be so very careful but it's good to be back at the process. What are you going to sew?


  2. Heavy showers here most of the day. Got little done as we had two set of visitors today. All unexpected.
    What type of books do you read?

    1. Hi markdebby I don't think anne answers any questions that are asked in the comments. But I think she reads mysteries and crime novels tho I could be wrong.

  3. We used to have a big problem with condensation on the windows but then bought a dehumidifier, it made a huge difference, no more condensation. We were amazed at the amount of water it collected. We left it on for 24 hrs a day at first until it got it under control, now we just put it on for a couple of hours if I'm drying laundry in the house. It's worked wonders for us, had you considered buying one? It didn't seem to make any difference to the electricity bill either even when we had it on for 24 hrs a day.

  4. Nice to see your photos yesterday, thank you for posting them.
    We can visualise you and DB in your home surroundings now and very nice it is too.
    Love Pam in TX.


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