Monday, 17 March 2014

Sad News

I was sorry to hear this morning of the death of Clarrisa Dickson Wright, the remaining half of the Two Fat Ladies who had such a successful show on TV in the 1990's. She always made me smile and I enjoyed the programmes she made with Jonny Scott, (5th Baronet, of Beauclerc, Bywell St.Andrews, Northumberland.) after Jennifer Paterson died of cancer in 1999.

I put the washer on to wash overnight, but the door had not caught, so it went on this morning. Ever since I had the seal changed you have to really slam the door to make sure its shut. The sheets off our bed are in it to wash tonight.

Another trip into town this morning, DB had an appointment to get a blood test. I had a book to take back to the library and some paper work for the council, I also managed to pick up a toothbrush holder from Boyes. Something else for DS2 to do when he comes.

A bright morning the sun and wind have dried the clothes I put out will put them on the airer when I get them in. 

DB in the garden this afternoon putting in some more plants for me, we are concentrating on the long border just now.

Supper egg and chips with a couple more slices of the syrup sponge with some cream.

I was asked for the recipe,

 Largish pudding basin,(approx 2pint size) lightly greased with 2 tablespoons of syrup or jam in the bottom.

In a bowl use a hand mixer to mix together until the mixture is very light in colour; 4 ozs SR flour, 4 ozs soft margarine, 4 ozs of sugar, 2 medium eggs and a teasp. of baking powder. If the mixture does not readily drop off the beaters of the mixer add a little milk and whizz again for a couple of minutes. Pile it into the pudding basin. Make a fold in a piece of foil and then place it on top of the basin and twist it round to seal the mixture in.

Put in a saucepan of boiling water and put on the lid and then turn down the heat to a simmer, allow to simmer for an hour. Take it out of the pan and invert onto a plate. Depending how much syrup you have put in the basin it will trickle down the sides of the pudding.

Serve with cream or custard.

You can make a lemon sponge in the same way adding the juice of 2 lemons and the grated peel of one to the mixture. Alternatively you can put two generous spoons of lemon curd in the bottom of the basin.


  1. Yes, it's sad when favorite actors or presenters die as they almost seem to be part of the family. I've never seen Two Fat Ladies except as previews on some BBC DVDs.

    What a lovely day you've had with so much accomplished! We'll be home today as ice is making things a mess and it's snowing. Why go out?

    Ta for the sponge recipe but now I need to know what SR flour is. Self-rising?


  2. Thank you so much for the recipe. That is one I will be making this week as I have some lemon curd in the cupboard. Hope it turns out like yours did.

    Another busy day accomplished. Well done. Your new garden is going to be such a colourful picture this summer.

    It was sad hearing about Clarrisa Dickson Wright. She was such a character.


  3. No going to any celebrations for St Patricks day. Not something I am interested in. I am busy decluttering what was my office. Yes a year after I retired. We found? Lots of things that made us stop and look. Lol
    See you are as busy as usual. Can't wait to see your living room photos.


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