Monday, 10 March 2014

Rubber Chicken

Quite a few people have asked about 'rubber chicken', its quite simple its chicken that stretches over several meals.

We had roast chicken, I sliced one breast, plenty of meat for the two of us. tomorrow I will take the thighs and make them into a chicken casserole, the second breast will make chicken and pasta and the drumsticks will be stripped along with any meat left on the carcass and mixed with chopped onion, mayo and some dried fruit to make sandwich filling. the carcass will go to make stock for soup. Thats rubber chicken.....................


  1. Thanks, that has answered a lot of questions. What a good name. I must remember to call my chicken 'rubber' in future. Glad all is well in the new house. Hope the mouse situation has gone now and you and DB can relax into your lovely new surroundings. Looking forward to your posting with pictures of how you have got the interior organised.


  2. I appreciate your clear explanation of what a rubber chicken is in your part of the world! Come to find out, we have rubber chicken, rubber pork roasts, and rubber beef roast, but just thought we were stretching them out for several varied meals!



  3. That's what I call a Rubber Chicken! I makes perfect sense when you think about it. Thanks for the explanation. We will be having leftover Italian stuffed shells and chicken parmesan this evening. Maybe a salad and some garlic bread to round out the meal.


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