Thursday, 6 March 2014

Over but not finished.

We are here, but not done and dusted yet.

It was raining when the removers arrived and they were early, we had only just finished breakfast when they landed.

Two really nice chaps, we pointed out various things to take care with and I set off for the apartment. DD2 arrived just after 10am, closely followed by DS2 and DB, then the removal men. DB said that when they went to pick up the herb container it fell to bits, so we have a rescue mission tomorrow.

Soup and bread for lunch. plenty of tea for the men, DD2 and I made up the beds, DS2 and DB put up the sentry box and DD2 then tackled various jobs, so we have the wall unit above the chest, the mirror is on the wall, the doors back on the wardrobe and everything back as it should be, so we can have a shower and climb into bed.

DD2 and DGD called in just after 5pm.

We had fish and chips for supper, dessert was sliced banana and the raspberries that DGD bought us on Tuesday, they were lobely with some sugar and a drop of cream.

Tomorrow we will continue  to unpack and sort out. DB will finish putting his books back, I have shut the door on the sewing/guest room. I need to get the bathroom and kitchen sorted, then our bedroom before I start on the sewing room. Pictures will follow once we are straight.

We are both shattered, my back is telling me I need some pain killers so off to take some.


  1. Love and best wishes to you both in your new home X

  2. Glad all went well - sounds like you need a few days rest for that aching back now!
    Our painter finished this morning - new carpet coming Mon. - we canceled tomorrow as it's going to rain all day!

    Enjoy happy days in your new home.

  3. Cheers that the move is mostly over and done with, that the beds are ready for you two to tumble into for a well deserved good night's sleep (thumbs up for the pain killers you plan to take before bedtime), and what a delight to awaken in your new bedroom tomorrow!!

    Supper sound yummy as does dessert. Was it wonderfully strange to eat your supper in your new sitting room?

    Would a pretty little lamp on top of the new chest of drawers provide charming light in the hallway?

    I hope the unpacking is satisfying! Just yesterday I came across a layout I made of my mother's new kitchen when she moved at age 79. I drew and outline of each cabinet and drawer as they appeared on each wall and gave each a number. Then I opened each cabinet and drawer, thought of all the items that started with A (aprons, apple peeler, etc) then wrote the item name and the number of the cabinet or drawer where it could be found. It took a lot of time, but Mom said it was the only way she found things in her new kitchen. She also added more items to the list according to their place in the alphabet as she lived and worked in that kitchen. You're young enough that you probably don't need this aid, but it did help my Mom a lot.

    Sweet dreams!


  4. Glad you are in your new home now.

  5. The very best of Good Luck to you in your new home

  6. Hope your back is feeling better tomorrow - you're there now and got all the time you need to unpack and get straight - Happy New Home xxxx

  7. Warmest wishes for a happy time in your new home - take your time with everything and don't do too much at once :) Looking forward to the photos when you have time to get around to those xx

  8. From Margie in Toronto - congratulations on a job well done - you are so organized. These things are never easy on the nerves (or the back). I think you are wise to just close the door on that second bedroom for now and just concentrate on the main areas. Have a good night's rest and good luck in your new home.


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