Saturday, 8 March 2014

Oh my back aches!!

We were off to town on the bus this morning, it was a bit murky so I did not put the load of laundry out still we got back. Picked up books from the library and walked back to get the bus through the market, I picked up a jasmine plant for £1. It needs repotting and something doing with the wire, will tackle it another day.

Since we have been back I have hung out 3 loads of washing and got it all dry, the towels are a bit damp on the edges so they are on the airer in the hall, nice little spot for it beside the new chest.

Made meatballs in tomato sauce for supper will have some spaghetti and maybe garlic bread with it. Also baked a carrot cake and cleared some more stuff away.

I spent almost an hour on the phone sorting out moving suppliers for electricity and gas, I have tied us in to a fixed price until March 2017. Much to my surprise I found we had an dual meter, so I have changed the clock so the water is heated on the cheaper rate power.

 I had a bit of a nasty find, I went into the cupboard for a baking tin and found mouse droppings, I also found some on the hall carpet when I went to put the dyson over the carpet......we had them at the cottage I do not want a repeat performance......I cleared the cupboard out and have washed everything, no idea how they are getting in. There was no sign of anything in the cupboards when we moved in.

Needless to say I am shattered, DB has been moving stuff from the caravan into the garden shed so thats kept him busy.


  1. nasty little things, mice, they will get in through the smallest gaps, have you checked round the waste water pipe under the kitchen sink. You have had a very busy day, enjoy you dinner, I love meatballs and make a huge batch every now and then and freeze.

  2. What a productive, but exhausting day for you and DB! Methinks some wine and/or pain pills before hot showers wouldn't be amiss. Perhaps leaning back on a heating pad or hot water bottle would help between now and then?

    Bother about the mice droppings! Do you suppose mice (or a mouse) hitched a ride inside your moving boxes? I suppose this time of year where there are wide open spaces it would be quite common for mice to be present. Will you ask your new LL about this?

    As always, your menu sounds delicious!

    Today is warming up and is sunny bright. I wish I had more energy but I don't.


  3. A very busy day for you both I imagine - hope the mouse issue can be sorted out quickly :)

  4. Good to see you settled. Hard to get rid of mice.
    Are you closer or further from the town?

  5. Read your blog most days just popping in to wish you all the best in your new home.


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