Sunday, 23 March 2014

Oh Dear

I am on the sick list!! woke last night just after 2am with gut pain, took ages to clear, I am wondering if I might be allergic to onions. This has happened the last 3 times I have had food with onions in.

Chicken tonight, will see what happens tonight, will not be doing any stuffing just chicken and veg.

Very cold, our upstairs neighbours
 are moving in, lots of bumps and bangs from upstairs and I did hear a child cry earlier.

I have laundry out, it clouded over so think I might have to go out and get it in before it rains on it. There is a stiffish breeze so hopefully it will have dried.

DB was in the garden this morning potting up some plants, we are having an easy day one way or another.

DD2 and DGD came in this afternoon on their way home from lunch with her ex partners family.

Just after they left we has the fiercest hail storm I have seen for some time, only lasted a few minutes but it was quite spectacular.

Chicken in for supper......will see what happens tonight.


  1. Be better soon dear - so many dishes would be bland without onions though so hope you're NOT allergic to them!

    Hugs - Mary

  2. Sorry to hear you had a tummy upset last night and hope you're fine all these hours later. As Mary wrote, I, too, hope you're not allergic to onions as they add such good flavor to so many dishes.

    Best wishes on the upstairs neighbors being thoughtful and kind folks.

    It's chilly and overcast here with rain imminent so may get more sewing done after lunch.


  3. My DH would really miss onions. Hope you are better now. Take it easy


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