Monday, 10 March 2014


After yesterdays sun its quite cool today. We were off to the podiatrist  this morning to get our feet done, then called at Tesco for some shopping I cannot get at Aldi and our last port of call was the council to take some paper work in and sort out a few things.

We had lunch as soon as we got back. DB went out to the garden and I started to try and sort out the guest bedroom.....we did managed to get the books into the bookcase in the hall and also put 3 pairs of curtains up on top of the wardrobe in the hall, It has our coats and things like DB's kilt in. there is a plinth on top and the curtains fit snuggly in the well. You cannot see them as you walk down the hall.

I found more mouse droppings this afternoon and I think  know where they are coming in, the back of the cupboard under the sink is sprung and there is a small gap.

Rubber chicken is on for supper, doing the thighs with apricots in white wine, I will thicken the sauce and put some cream in before I serve it, Apple and blackberry crumble for dessert should be enough left for tomorrow as well.

The dresser in the hall with the wall unit above it.

The chicken hooks with my bits and bobs hanging on.

The book case in the corner, I am going to stack some boxes of fabric on the top two shelves.

The wardrobe in the hall, sorry the picture is a bit lop sided, it does not lean like that honest!!

I pushed the Dyson round this afternoon as well the carpets were very bitty, I put the extension lead on the dyson and was able to go all round, even our bedroom floor got the treatment. There is nothing on the floor in there at all so our bedroom is neat and tidy, the guest room is another matter however, I keep doing a bit here and there, but it does not seem to make much difference.

The plumber is here sorting out a couple of little jobs that need doing, we have no hot water to the wash basin in the bathroom and also one of the rads in the kitchen needs bleeding.

Till tomorrow.


  1. Please sent that chest of drawers over here. It's lovely.
    All is coming together now.
    It was a lovely day here.

  2. You two have had another day of wonderful and helpful accomplishments. Applause!!

    Ta for the wonderful photos of the hall decor! Your new dresser looks wonderful as does the wall unit with the various pretty items on it. These pieces look they were made to match each other. Love the little wire rack and the charming pieces that hang from it in this home as they did in your previous homes. As wide as this hallway is, it could very nearly be used as a box room except that you still have to walk thru it so it must be neat.

    Consider all you and DB have done in the last week! Hope you're well pleased and are enjoying a restful evening with your feet up.


  3. Can you fill the space under the sink with steel wool? That would stop the mice.


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