Tuesday, 25 March 2014

In answer to a query

The books I get out of the library are supposed to last 2 weeks, but if I have a run of bad nights I can read them all in just over a week.

We always read when we go to bed as a way of relaxing down  after the  stresses of the day. We also make a point of reading in an afternoon whilst we have our afternoon tea and if there is nothing on TV or DB has something on I am not interested in I will read in the evening too. Often if I read in an afternoon I find myself dozing off, I just put my book down and sleep for a while, its usually between 3/4 and an hour.

I went to the library on Saturday and came home with 4 books, one my husband is now reading, one is going back this morning and I am almost halfway through the third. As I was hors de combat at the weekend I did read a lot more than usual. I will probably get another couple out to top up.

One thing we do, Tesco have a table in the shop with books on, you can take a book for a donation to Cancer research, we go through the books and pick a few paperbacks, they are our holiday reading. Quite a number of the touring sites we use have a 'book shop' where you can borrow or swap books, so as we read them the books go into the swap shop and we have another book to exchange somewhere else. That saves us from having to worry about getting books back to the library on time.

My library account is on line so at any time I can go in and order, renew and research books. I can also check when books are due back and if necessary renew them unless someone else is waiting to read the book, in which case I read it first so it can go  back quickly.

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  1. Ta for this interesting information and cheers for the book swap set-up!!



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