Sunday, 9 March 2014

How Nice To See Some Sun

A lovely sunny day, we had our morning tea sitting on the patio. DB spent most of the morning working out side, whilst I dittered inside. All the windows open to let in some fresh air.

No sign of mouse droppings in the cupboard, but I have found evidence in a few places, call to the LL tomorrow, I hope its a one off.

No washing today just the ironing mountain, might do a bit tonight whilst watching 'call the midwife'.

Rubber chicken for supper, roasted with roasted potato's, carrots, cauliflower and calebrese. Apple and black berry crumble for dessert with some HM ice cream. I also made a white loaf, we are almost out of bread, just a crust left.

I spent the morning prepping supper cooking some leek and potato soup for lunch and sorting out the cupboard in the hallway. This afternoon we have blocked off the airing cupboard with cardboard and lined the shelves with lining paper, so I can use it now, not sure whats going in it but I am sure I can find something. I also need to get to the high cupboard in the spare room to put up the curtains I am not using just now. There are a couple of pairs I might sell. I also need to put the Humax freestat box on E Bay. Not sure how much I will get for it mind you.

My computer has stopped talking to the printer which is driving me crackers, cannot find drivers on the internet and I seem to have lost the usb cable...gggrrrrrr...........these things are sent to try us!!

We are out in the morning its podiatry time again and we have to call in to the council with some paper work. I am hoping the plumber comes to the hot tap on the bathroom basin tomorrow afternoon.

The jasmine I bought yesterday has been 'propped up' and the inner hall is smelling really nice, I gave it a long drink this morning, it was very dry.

I have a bottle of Chardonnay in the fridge, methinks we deserve a small tipple, in my case make that a large one!!!


  1. Really nice to know that you are getting settled into your new home.
    You will get your little issues sorted out in no time I just know it.
    Enjoy your new surroundings.
    Love from Pam in TX.xx

  2. How lovely to have pleasant weather to allow you and DB to sit outside and enjoy the new scenery, enhanced by your beautiful plants. It's a warm day here, but I cannot seem to get warm so will have soup and hot tea for lunch.

    Cheers for the many ways you're getting your new home into good shape and hope you find the missing items quickly.

    What is "rubber chicken"?? All that comes to my mind is a chicken made of actual rubber that was often part of comic skits and I know that cannot be right.

    Take care not to over do!


  3. You seem to have been very busy, both of you.

    I do think you are very brave regarding the mouse!! I can deal with any amount of creepy crawlies with not a bother on me, but I am neurotic about mice. We have had visitations twice over the years and I was not a happy bunny.

    Once you have that sorted I just know you are going to be so happy in your new home.


  4. I am asking about "Rubber Chicken" also. Some cooking gone wrong? LOL
    Sounds as if you getting yourselves sorted out quite quickly. You deserve a large glass of that wine.
    Lovely daffs, just wish I could see my lawn, it has been under snow since late November.

  5. I must also ask about the 'rubber chicken'. Glad to hear you are so well along in settling into your new place. Your flowers on the patio look so healthy and happy.
    Spring is still a way off here. We have quite a bit of ice on the ground with more frigid weather predicted. We are so ready for just a breath of Spring!


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