Thursday, 13 March 2014


It was foggy when we opened the curtains and it took its time clearing.

After breakfast we mopped the windows clean of condensation using some towelling cloths I made, once dry a quick polish with the duster. Our bedroom and the kitchen seem to be the worst.

A trip out in the car, a parcel arrived yesterday and we did not hear the bell, so had to collect it from our local post office, also nipped to Morrisons for a couple of things before returning home for our morning cuppa.

A  few pictures for your delectation!!

The six jumpers and 3 hats I knitted for the African babies.

I could not resist these little beauties in Morrisons this morning 50p for a pot of cheerfullness.

The kitchen.

And again from the door.

Our bedroom from the window end.

Looking in from the door towards the window.

Thats it for now folks, its lunchtime and the sun is just breaking through, I am going to shut myself in the sewing end of the guest bedroom and finish binding the mats for DD2.

I have ordered a small table from Ikea for the kitchen, our nearest store is in Nottingham, it would have cost me more than the delivery cost to go and fetch it, so £9 well spent should be here next week.


  1. I am shocked and horrified to see you have move again!! he he he ;-)))) Well the new place looks lovely I'll e-mail you for a catch up! XX

  2. Your home looks lovely, and my goodness you have been busy with the knitting.

    We had dense fog this morning as well, but has all gone now. WM on for the second time so it should all dry outside today. I do love the smell of washing when it has been outside.

    Take care

  3. Ta for the photos! The wee jumpers and hats are so sweet and I know those who receive them will love the colors and the warmth they provide.

    How wonderful that a table will fit into your new kitchen!! I imagine the size of the new kitchen is a joy, too.

    It's good that your bedroom isn't any smaller as it looks to be a squeeze at the foot of the bed to get from one side of the room to the other. Are you the one who keeps your kit on the far side of the room? It is a pretty and sunny room and your beautiful quilt is the crowning touch!

    Your pretty daffs were well worth the 50p!

    It cold, sunny, and WINDY here. The wind has been noisy and blowing for nearly 24 hours already. I hope the trees stay up.


  4. Love your photos. You have everything lovely.

  5. Thank you for all your photos of the new home. Must be quite a pleasure doing all those lovely meals in the new kitchen, and your bedroom is so pretty with that lovely quilt. Well done on knitting the small jumpers and hats. The African babies will feel so snug wearing them.
    What a good price IKEA are charging for delivery. I agree, the petrol would have been so much more. I love IKEA tables and have an oak table and matching chairs in our dining room.



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