Friday, 7 March 2014

Fine Friday

We slept well after a shower and painkillers.  We were both crackered. It was raining when we got up,it soon cleared up and I got 2 loads of washing dry, two more loads to do tomorrow and I am all caught up.

DB spent time this morning sorting out his books and putting them in the bookcase, he has also put some out for the boot sale. I spent the morning trying to sort out the mess that was the kitchen, its looking much better now.

DD2 arrived just as we were getting lunch, she had brought hers with her so we sat and had lunch together.

We set off for the old house, DD2 and I went round, I used a damp cloth to clean round the carpet edge and wipe the skirting boards behind where we had furniture. DD2 followed me with the Dyson, she had gone round the ceilings with the ken dodd.  DB was taking the wooden container that split yesterday to bits and putting it in the car. He set off for home with the wood etc in the car and left me at the house. The agent who does the inspection arrived just as I was about to do the kitchen floor, so she started in the living room and went round the house. Whilst she was in the garden with DB I quickly washed the kitchen floor. The report......first class, she said she wished all the houses she inspected were as clean and neat, just polished my halo a bit. We should get our deposit back in around 10 days.

Apparently the LL is moving back in tonight, so he has nothing at all to complain about. He had even asked photos to be taken of the drive to ensure our caravan had done no damage, I was speechless!!

Back home, a cup of tea on an hour with our feet up.

Supper bacon fritatta and salad, bananas for dessert. Tomorrow a bit more unpacking to do. Its going to be fine so another couple of loads of laundry to do and dry and then a pile of ironing.

We are getting used to a much bigger space, plenty of room to move, once I get everything sorted we will be very comfortable.


  1. So pleased your move is complete, you can now work at your leisure.

    I hope you are both very happy in your new home.


  2. What a lovely report and that you're finished at your previous home. Did you by chance tell the inspector what a huge mess the place was you moved in? Your former LL has a lot of nerve to want photo proof that the caravan had done no damage. Grrr!

    Cheers for the progress and organizing you and DB accomplished today. I can just imagine how lovely it is to have more elbow room and no stairs to climb!! Does your new home have an airer?

    Sweet dreams!


  3. Good Grief!! The old LL has the cheek of Old Nick!!! Good luck to the neighbours with him (or her!) in residence then!!
    Glad you are in you new home safely and can sort bits out at your leisure now. Lucky you to get your washing done and dried! I have a load in the washer now, hopefully, the weather will be good over the wend. Husband had decided we are taking the caravan to it's summer home at the end of next week! Have to say I am looking forward to a break and to see the sea, which hopefully won't be rough!! Hope you have a quiet wend to get properly settled in.

  4. Lots of happiness in your new home!
    What a lovely report, all went smoothly thanks to good organisation.
    Your former LL has a nerve, good that you are free of him.
    Enjoy your new home and please do get some rest.
    This seems to me, to have been a whirlwind move, good for you for getting on with things.
    Love from Pam in TX.xx

  5. Glad all went well with the inspection. You are well rid of that LL.


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