Saturday, 1 March 2014

Day 3 of our move.

Thats another day done, the sitting room, kitchen and dining room are looking very depleted. I took a load first thing and met DD2 and DGD at the house, I had taken the top of the dresser with  me. One of our new neighbours was getting sky fitted and he helped me to unload and carry the top of the dresser in. DD2 and I lifted it into place and DGD screwed the top to the bottom with the mirror plates, then DD2 put all the glasswear back.

The gardener turned up to look at the french door that would not close, I nipped off home to see DS2 and collected another load, he also loaded his car with stuff and followed me up, he was going on to Luton to pick his friend up from the airport.

The doors are off the wardrobe, he thinks they will be able to get it out as is, so fingers crossed, he also took down the light fitting and replaced the old one and the unit off the wall. The house is beginning to look like someone elses now.

After a sandwich and a cup of tea DB and I went back with another load, I took some of the curtain hooks I had as DGD said there were on 5 on each side in our bedroom and they need at least 10. I had got 4 that would fit, so we ended up at B & Q and I found a set the right size.

Back home for a cup of tea and ginger cake, I need to re-charge the batteries. 

This morning I looked out of the patio doors and saw this.....

Little tete a tete daffs in flower in the two planters. Spring must be on its way, at last!!!

Tomorrow we start to clear my sewing room, thats going to be fun, such a lot in there, I poked my head in this morning and shut the door quick. There are 3 large containers and about a dozen smaller ones all containing fabric, then there is all my threads, and accessories as well. at least 2 trips I would think. Not so much in the bed rooms, just a small bookcase that stands on DB's chest, a couple of beside tables and the chairs.

DS2 is coming back on Thursday to finish off filling holes etc and will then come to the new place and put things up for me. The pine chest will be in the hall, and the pine hanging unit will go above it. Quite a statement.

I am very tired, but then I knew this was going to be tiring and it is, but this time next week it will all be over bar the shouting and we will be looking at a nicely cut lawn and the trees that surround it. Can't wait.


  1. As always, you are so organised. Well done getting all that moved with the help of your daughter and grand daughter at the new house, and son at the old house. Not a lot for the furniture removers to up lift now. Sounds like you will be having nice new neighbours too, so what a relief. Please don't overdo things.
    We also have lots of daffs and crocus in bloom, so yes, 1st of March, and perhaps Spring is finally here.


  2. What a glorious day of accomplishments and cheers for the assistance of strong, willing family members and your new neighbor!!! I can just imagine how lovely your china cabinet looks in the nook near the bay window (as you said it would go there).

    Your lovely potted flowers will add such a welcoming touch beside your new front, back, and French doors!! What a nice surprise to find them in bloom!

    You and DB have done well preparing for this move and it's going according to plan! Here's to more days of nice weather so all is finished before any rain comes.

    Rest well, my friend!


  3. So glad everything is going well! Sounds like you will have good neighbors too.

    We have gorgeous Spring weather here today, but alas, tomorrow Winter will rear it's ugly head again!

  4. I thought of you today, it was lovely and sunny here, hoped the same for you! Sounds like the move is going well, as you say, a week's time and all will be hunky-dorey once more! We went to get a Storm Strap for our c/van awning, another step nearer our summer residence!!!! Husband treated me to lunch out - a ham sarnie in Sainsbugs, it would have been M&S but the queue was too long and he wanted lunch NOW!!! He sure knows how to treat a lady!!!!!! Ahhhh!

  5. Glad the move is going well. The flowers are gorgeous.

  6. Sounds like the move is progressing well ... another week and you will be nicely settled into your new home. Moving is such hard work but it sounds like you have found a lovely place to live and I;m sure you will enjoy having all your rooms on one floor.


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