Sunday, 30 March 2014

Clocks forward

Late waking up... not really by yesterdays time it was only 8am.

Cool day, bright sunshine at times but it was quite cold in the wind.

DB has done a bit more to the garden under the bay window, its slow going, He is almost there though. It all looks a lot better.

We spoke to K the upstairs front neighbour he was seeing his son off back to Wrexham.

I have spent the day being busy doing nothing much. After lunch I settled down on the settee with a new book.

Supper roast pork steaks, potato's and parsnips with cauli and carrots. I made a plum and ginger crumble for dessert, it should keep us going for 3 nights for dessert.

We are out tomorrow for supper, DD2 is cooking supper for us for Mothers Day, have heard from the other children too.

DD2 gave me a bottle of champagne to christen the new house, we opened it today. I nearly shot off to planet Gog when I opened it, the cork came out like a shot from a gun and it was a good job I had a firm hold of the bottle otherwise it could have shot out the window!!

The start of another week tomorrow I need to start sorting out the caravan and food etc for out holiday at the end of April.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day!

    It sounds like today was a good day to sit with a book to enjoy. I plan to do the same in a little while as today is rainy as yesterday was.

    I've sewn sashing between two pairs of blocks for Arctic Blast and may (or may not) add in the lateral sashing that will go - with a cornerstone - between the upper pair of blocks and the lower pair of blocks. These Ribbon Star blocks were not easy to sew to have them end up square. I hope the sashing covers my mistakes!



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