Thursday, 27 March 2014


Up and away to Aldi this morning, called in to the newsagents to get a  Daily Mirror for the coupon, so £5.00 off my £69.55 bill.

It was a bright morning driving along, but the wind was quite cool.

After lunch DB retired to the garden to do a bit more digging, the front bed has a lot of weeds in it, some of them running through a clump of narcissus, I suggested he leaves them until the flowers are over, we can dig up the bulbs and dry them and then replant them for next year and get rid of the weeds at the same time.

We had a 'committee' meeting in the garden, one of our neighbours came along whilst we were out, we stood gossiping, the wind was quite chilly I was glad to get back inside for tea and ginger cake. I put the little greenhouse up so the plants have a bit of shelter, we will have to weight it down.

Supper tonight liver, sausage, mash, cauliflower and carrots. Oranges in jelly for dessert.


  1. Another day of accomplishments for you so well done! I'm glad to hear you have a pleasant and chatty neighbor but agree such chats will be more enjoyable when the weather warms up.

    I can just imagine how everyone is enjoying your beautiful flowers whether they pass by or look out from their windows. They'll reap the benefits of the green thumbs you and DB have!

    Methinks I'll pass on joining you for dinner since I don't care for cauliflower or liver. We're having barbecue again!

    It's a chilly day here but is supposed to warm up to nearly 60*F and the forecast is for 70*F tomorrow with rain. I plan to sew!



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