Monday, 3 March 2014

Another Day at the Fun Factory that is Moving House

Another day moving household contents from A to B. Its been a nice day but very cold. Pity I did not have any washing to do, it would have dried.

My sewing room just has the two bookcases and a chair left, I will take the camera tomorrow so you can see whats in the guest bedroom, there is room for the bed, just.

All the kitchen cupboards are empty and cleaned out, tomorrow I will clean the sewing room windows floor etc. Anything not needed in the bathroom has also gone.

Contacted the removers this morning they are bringing 3 wardrobe boxes with them so I can put the clothes in, once the wardrobes are in I can empty then and they can go back on the lorry.

I did not sleep too well last night, so had a nap on the settee after lunch. We then loaded the car and did a 3rd run, calling at DD2's for a cup of tea. She is off to London for a couple of days tomorrow, will be with us at the house on Thursday.

Supper tonight egg and chips, chocolate fluff with banana for dessert.


Janice asked about moving. We chose to move the contents apart for the heavy furniture ourselves as we were only moving 4 miles. Even so the removal is costing us £500. When we came down from Scotland last year the removal company did all the packing for us, We moved over a weekend, packing and part loaded Thursday finished packing and loading Friday. We set off with our caravan stopping two nights on the way down and the removers came on Monday to unload. There were a lot of boxes believe me. It took us 2 weeks to unpack and we freecycled the boxes in 2 lots.


  1. Sounds like another busy day for you. Forget the washing this week, you have enough on your plate with moving house. Leave the remainder to the removal people. Glad it has stopped raining.


  2. What an effort this has been but am happy it's going well and that you got a chance to post today. I was certain that your computer would be moved today and it wouldn't be connected until tomorrow at the new address. So much for guessing!

    I look forward to seeing the pictures you plan to take tomorrow! It's always amazing to me how quickly you set your new homes to rights after each move and I suspect it will be the same this time. Cheers that you have more kitchen cabinets in your new home plus a pantry!

    As forecast, we had sleet this morning, wintery mix, and heavy snow. I'm just in from clearing some snow from a walkway, a tramp to the mailbox, to get the mail and newspaper for AMIL, home to put out bird seed for our feathered friends, and inside for a cup of hot tea. That was a workout. Was it really 70*F just yesterday?

    Rest well! This move will be completed wonderfully soon.


  3. Thank you for replying to my question. So many bloggers don't bother to answer questions, it was kind and polite of you to answer. Good luck with the rest of your move.


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