Friday, 21 March 2014

A Sunny Day

Bright sunshine this morning, but it was very cold last night lots of window cleaning this morning, bedroom and sitting room especially bad.

Friday clean done photos as promised.

                                 Looking across the sitting room from the door into the hall

         From the TV looking towards the dresser by the french window

The dining end of the room, I have closed the table down to one leaf for now.

Did not sleep too well last night, I am still feeling a bit blergh, so having another easy day as is DB, I have mentioned several times that he was pushing it a bit, at last he seems to be taking notice. There is always another day.

No plans to do anything else today apart from get meals, lentil soup for lunch, fish and chips for supper and I guess bananas for dessert. I am going to do my menu and shopping list for Aldi. We go away 19th April for 2 weeks so I need to sort out at least the first two days meals to take with us. We are stopping en route in Windermere to see our friends, there is an Aldi there so can buy enough fresh meat etc for at least 3 - 4 days. Culzean is our next stop.

Tomorrow is another day!!


  1. Good to see you are all settled, you have a huge living area thats looks very well lit with the big windows, shame about the condensation.

    I hope you enjoy your trip away we have been to the site at Culzean Castle and from what I remember you get spendid views. The castle is worth a look round too, especially if you are NT members.

  2. You have the living room lovely. Do you sit on the settee? It will be lovely when you get the sunny days. The big window is great.
    I hope you enjoy your holidays. We are going to Dundee to see our son next week end.

  3. Ta for the photos and your new, wonderfully large sitting room looks so nice! How bright and light it is, too. I hope you enjoy all of the room you have!

    Good decision to take it easy for another day since these last weeks have been so very busy. It will probably take time to fully recover from all of that expended effort.

    Your upcoming trip will be a lovely treat and a reward for all you and DB did in March!


  4. Your sitting room looks lovely, and I love the turquoise carpet and cushions, it looks so comfy.

    I think you are both right to take it easy today you seem to have worked non stop for several weeks now.

    I am sure you must be looking forward to your holiday, but will you be sorry to leave your new home so soon?

    Have a good weekend.


  5. Hope you feel better soon. Your new sitting room is huge!! Lovely and bright too. You have it looking very homely. Must google Culzean as I have never heard of it and I like to see where you are going!!! Nosey or what?!! Have a good weekend

  6. what a lovely bright room you have. It looks very inviting and I love the windows. Hope you are pleased with the place esp after your last LL. Su

  7. Thank you for posting all the photos of the inside of your new home. It all looks very comfy, and with those large windows, makes it such a sunny room. Please don't trip over the wire on the carpet.

    Enjoy your holiday in April, and do take things easy now you are all settled into the new home.


  8. Your new home is very nice...plenty of space and it's so light and airy. Wishing you both the best in your new nest. Barb O

  9. Loving the new home. It's so neat to read about the day to day. Can't wait to see the pictures from your latest trip. Have fun and rest up!

    Jake's a Girl

  10. That's a lovely sunny room - it must be so nice to have all that space xxxx

  11. Must be lovely relaxing in that large bright space - all looks lovely and very comfy.
    May you enjoy many, many years in your new home Anne - and have fun on the upcoming trip.

    Hugs, Mary

  12. Lovely big sunny room!
    Hope you're both feeling more rested today?
    Have a great weekend .


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