Monday, 31 March 2014

Wot Sun??

Forecast sun for today, no sign of it yet, but it is not cold out. I washed towels overnight, they are out on the whirly.

Monday clean done, no prep for supper as we are going out for supper tonight to DD2's.

DD1 came this morning and brought an orchid and also some smellies from DGD. Very posh. It was good to see her although she was only with us for a short while, was on her way to pick up her husband so he could go and play golf this afternoon.

I made a table runner last year, I bound it and realised it did not have the proper mitres, so took the binding off, I needed to  the lengthen the binding a bit, so have cut and sewn 2 more strips onto the original binding, I now have to sort it out and do the binding properly. It can wait for another day.

DB has been sorting out the stuff that has to go back in the caravan ready for our holiday and also checking the lists of food I need to put in.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Baked banana's


  • 4 firm bananas
  • 1 tablespoon plus 2 teaspoons melted butter
  • salt
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons firmly packed brown sugar


Preheat oven to 375°.
Peel bananas and place in a well greased baking dish. Brush generously with butter and sprinkle lightly with salt. Sprinkle brown sugar evenly over bananas. Bake for 15 to 18 minutes, or until bananas are tender. Serve with syrup or a dessert sauce, if desired.
Serves 2 to 4.
I also do something similar with brown sugar and honey, coat the bananas with butter, sprinkle brown sugar over then and then drizzle with honey, bake for about 15 minutes, To prevent the sugar burning I put some foil losely over the dish for 10 minutes then remove it and allow the sugar and honey to caramelise.

Clocks forward

Late waking up... not really by yesterdays time it was only 8am.

Cool day, bright sunshine at times but it was quite cold in the wind.

DB has done a bit more to the garden under the bay window, its slow going, He is almost there though. It all looks a lot better.

We spoke to K the upstairs front neighbour he was seeing his son off back to Wrexham.

I have spent the day being busy doing nothing much. After lunch I settled down on the settee with a new book.

Supper roast pork steaks, potato's and parsnips with cauli and carrots. I made a plum and ginger crumble for dessert, it should keep us going for 3 nights for dessert.

We are out tomorrow for supper, DD2 is cooking supper for us for Mothers Day, have heard from the other children too.

DD2 gave me a bottle of champagne to christen the new house, we opened it today. I nearly shot off to planet Gog when I opened it, the cork came out like a shot from a gun and it was a good job I had a firm hold of the bottle otherwise it could have shot out the window!!

The start of another week tomorrow I need to start sorting out the caravan and food etc for out holiday at the end of April.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Morning After the Night Before

We enjoyed the skittle night very much. Supper was excellent, Sausage, chips and macaroni cheese. The sausages were from the farmers market very expensive and not something I would buy except for a special treat. There was curry for those who wanted it and several people went up for second.

We left just after 9pm. I slept well which is unusual for me if I eat later than 6pm.

A bit of a lie in this morning. Its a bright sunny morning, quite chilly, some people would call it bracing I suppose. Laundry on the line. DB is in the garden. We have discovered where the mouse might have been getting into the house, there is a hole where I think a waste pipe has been removed and not been filled in. So DB has filled it in as a temporary measure until we can get some mortar to fill it up. Can you get ready mix mortar???

Supper tonight is mince and maybe dough balls with carrot and calebrese. I got bananas at Aldi so possibly baked banana for dessert. I also bought some plums, I will part cook them tomorrow and put them in a crumble.

Friday, 28 March 2014

What the heck????

Friday clean done, then off for a haircut and then to see my quilting friend. We always enjoy a cuppa and a chat. She was very pleased with the jumpers I took for her, thats 9 jumpers I have made in total for the African babies

Horrendous journey home, took me an hour and a half to do a journey that usually takes me forty minutes. So a quick cut through the back streets and on to the main road at Syston and so home.

DB has been working in his shed sorting more things out he has found another hanging basket so we will put 2 brackets up either side of the french doors.

We are off out tonight, skittles at the bowls club with a sausage and mash supper............

Thursday, 27 March 2014


Up and away to Aldi this morning, called in to the newsagents to get a  Daily Mirror for the coupon, so £5.00 off my £69.55 bill.

It was a bright morning driving along, but the wind was quite cool.

After lunch DB retired to the garden to do a bit more digging, the front bed has a lot of weeds in it, some of them running through a clump of narcissus, I suggested he leaves them until the flowers are over, we can dig up the bulbs and dry them and then replant them for next year and get rid of the weeds at the same time.

We had a 'committee' meeting in the garden, one of our neighbours came along whilst we were out, we stood gossiping, the wind was quite chilly I was glad to get back inside for tea and ginger cake. I put the little greenhouse up so the plants have a bit of shelter, we will have to weight it down.

Supper tonight liver, sausage, mash, cauliflower and carrots. Oranges in jelly for dessert.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Woe is me

No really, although our holiday plans unravelled a bit this morning.

We had been hoping to spend some time with a fellow blogger, but unfortunately she is going to be away too, so we have had to revise our travels plans. So instead of going down to Port William we are going to be going on towards Dumfries.

Its fine, but rather chilly this morning. DB has been in the garden doing a bit more whilst I made a pot of scotch broth for lunch and oranges in jelly for tonight's dessert. Chicken and rice with yogurt sauce for main course. Will use white wine in the sauce rather than Brandy as I did last week.

I have also had to alter plans for DS2 coming, he is coming next weekend, so I am going to see my quilting guru on Friday. I have more jumpers for the newspaper babies.

Aldi tomorrow, will be going to the newsagent on the way, there will be a £5 off a £40 shop coupon in the mirror tomorrow. As I am going for my monthly shop I should manage the £40.

Plans to put the fire on this afternoon and knit up what's left of the jumper wool, I might just manage another jumper out of it, who knows.

I looked for the brightest yarn I could find, bright orange and neon green, two jumpers and hats.

Now this one is a bit different to see why you have to look at the next two pictures

                                            Well this side is green and orange.        

                               This side is orange and green.

I just had enough yarn to finish this jumper, its different on each side, clever what???

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Yukkk Rain

It was raining when we got up, by the time we were ready to go for the bus into town it was that horrible smurr that wets you through. Did not have to wait long before the bus appeared.

We both went into the library, DB to do some more research and myself to collect a few bits from the market.

I treated myself to a camellia, its red, cost me £3.50. DB will plant it, just now its stood outside the door.

Called on the market for some spuds, talking to the chap on the stall it was his fathers stall when I lived here before, and he still will take a shopping list and you can collect the order later.....its 20 years since I last shopped at the stall on Melton Market. It was his Father that ran the stall then, he took over when his father retired.

I was out of the house just over an hour. Cup of tea to warm me up and I made a ginger cake for afternoon tea. DB arrived just as I was putting it in the oven, so soup, cheese and biscuits for lunch.

Supper tonight herb fritatta and salad maybe cous cous or a jacket spud with it. No idea what to do for dessert.....will have to put my thinking cap on

In answer to a query

The books I get out of the library are supposed to last 2 weeks, but if I have a run of bad nights I can read them all in just over a week.

We always read when we go to bed as a way of relaxing down  after the  stresses of the day. We also make a point of reading in an afternoon whilst we have our afternoon tea and if there is nothing on TV or DB has something on I am not interested in I will read in the evening too. Often if I read in an afternoon I find myself dozing off, I just put my book down and sleep for a while, its usually between 3/4 and an hour.

I went to the library on Saturday and came home with 4 books, one my husband is now reading, one is going back this morning and I am almost halfway through the third. As I was hors de combat at the weekend I did read a lot more than usual. I will probably get another couple out to top up.

One thing we do, Tesco have a table in the shop with books on, you can take a book for a donation to Cancer research, we go through the books and pick a few paperbacks, they are our holiday reading. Quite a number of the touring sites we use have a 'book shop' where you can borrow or swap books, so as we read them the books go into the swap shop and we have another book to exchange somewhere else. That saves us from having to worry about getting books back to the library on time.

My library account is on line so at any time I can go in and order, renew and research books. I can also check when books are due back and if necessary renew them unless someone else is waiting to read the book, in which case I read it first so it can go  back quickly.

Monday, 24 March 2014


Decent nights sleep last night, no gut pain, so this morning I made leek soup, leeks are part of the onion family, will see what happens tonight. I did not put any garlic in it.....

Monday clean done, Bathroom given a good going over, put soda crystals and vinegar down the bath plug hole, its been running a bit slow. Floor washed.

Chap came to service the caravan, its ok, he said there is some very slight damp under the front window but generally its in very good condition for its age. So we are fit and ready for our trip to SW Scotland in 3 weeks time.

Chicken with mash and veg for supper, rice pudding for dessert for a change.

DB spent some time in the garden, he has moved the strawberries into a deeper trough and planted my herbs in the one outside the door. The troughs with the daffs in are coming on well, primulas in full flower.

Laundry out on the line is dry, sun is out but not that warm, quite a breeze.


I was asked recently what books I read. Well almost anything, but not keen on Australian or Irish books, but there were exceptions even to that. I like Maeve Binchy. Anna Jacobs wrote a Trader series set in Australia which I liked. The story follows through several books and gives an insight into the life of the early settlers in Aus and the shipping of convicts to Aus.

I read Quintin Jardine's Bob Skinner, Oz Blackstone and Primivera Blackstone books, just finished reading the latest Primivera one, Peter Robinson's Inspector Banks books, MC Beaton Agatha Raisin and Hamish McBeth, Sue Grafton's Alphabet murders, Ian Rankin's Rebus. I also read extensive fiction by a number of authors. We go to the library most weeks and I usually take out at least 6 - 8 books.

Some of the authors:

Cathy Kelly, Josephine Cox, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Cathy Woodman and many more. If I find a series I like I will reserve the books, and occasionally read one twice depending on where it comes in the series. I find the library catalogue invaluable and also authors pages on the internet they give book lists in the order in which they were published.

There is a series of books by Jennifer Chaverine, they are about a group of quilters in the US. I was introduced to them by a quilting friend and as a quilter myself really enjoy them. She has recently struck out in a new direction in American fictional history. Whether she plans to write any more of the Elm Creek Quilter books I do not know. I keep an eye on her internet page for new titles. I have to admit I have bought these books and if I am short of something to read, will go back and read them again.

My taste in books is you can see.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Oh Dear

I am on the sick list!! woke last night just after 2am with gut pain, took ages to clear, I am wondering if I might be allergic to onions. This has happened the last 3 times I have had food with onions in.

Chicken tonight, will see what happens tonight, will not be doing any stuffing just chicken and veg.

Very cold, our upstairs neighbours
 are moving in, lots of bumps and bangs from upstairs and I did hear a child cry earlier.

I have laundry out, it clouded over so think I might have to go out and get it in before it rains on it. There is a stiffish breeze so hopefully it will have dried.

DB was in the garden this morning potting up some plants, we are having an easy day one way or another.

DD2 and DGD came in this afternoon on their way home from lunch with her ex partners family.

Just after they left we has the fiercest hail storm I have seen for some time, only lasted a few minutes but it was quite spectacular.

Chicken in for supper......will see what happens tonight.

Saturday, 22 March 2014


My goodness it was cold again this morning, the condensation was quite bad on the windows even in the sitting room.

Off to the library to pick up books we had reserved. I was looking for some window locks, no luck eventually found what I was looking for on Amazon, so 6 ordered for the windows. I means we can lock the windows so they can be left open but not opened any window wide enough to allow someone togain access.

After lunch DB spent some time washing the car so its clean inside and out now. I prepped the supper, liver and bacon with potato, carrots and calebrese. I also made a creme caramel, I have some peras I am going to put on the top and drizzle the caramel over the pears.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading. It got very dark at one point and poured with rain for a while, then it cleared and the sun came out again.

We had several bumps and bangs from upstairs, I guess they are moving them selves, do not think our LL was too happy they were driving their car down the side of the house on the grass to access the door.

Not much to report really, I need to get back to the machine and do some sewing.

Laundry in the washer to wash tonight, hope its fine enough to dry it tomorrow. We are going to try and get the whirly support in so I can use my own whirly.

Friday, 21 March 2014

A Sunny Day

Bright sunshine this morning, but it was very cold last night lots of window cleaning this morning, bedroom and sitting room especially bad.

Friday clean done photos as promised.

                                 Looking across the sitting room from the door into the hall

         From the TV looking towards the dresser by the french window

The dining end of the room, I have closed the table down to one leaf for now.

Did not sleep too well last night, I am still feeling a bit blergh, so having another easy day as is DB, I have mentioned several times that he was pushing it a bit, at last he seems to be taking notice. There is always another day.

No plans to do anything else today apart from get meals, lentil soup for lunch, fish and chips for supper and I guess bananas for dessert. I am going to do my menu and shopping list for Aldi. We go away 19th April for 2 weeks so I need to sort out at least the first two days meals to take with us. We are stopping en route in Windermere to see our friends, there is an Aldi there so can buy enough fresh meat etc for at least 3 - 4 days. Culzean is our next stop.

Tomorrow is another day!!

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Windy and quite chilly. DB spent the morning doing a bit more in the border at the front of the apartment, its very matted with roots, weeds and grass.

I was a bit wobbit first thing so decided to have an easy day, Our LL is due this afternoon to read the meter and a chap is coming to check the fire extinguisher and blanket, we have a couple of questions for her too.

I have finished sewing up the jumpers and hats, not sure if I have enough yarn left to knit another jumper.

No housework this morning apart from making the bed and pushing the Dyson over the carpet in the living room carpet.

Supper tonight, chicken in brandy with apricots and rice. Banana for dessert I guess.

The weeks seem to be flying by, I have to do my menu for April, taking in 10 days of our holiday. I will take as much food as I can with us. Need to choose a better day than Sunday to go to Aldi to do my shopping!!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


A dull, cold overcast morning, the sun keeps trying to come through, not managed it yet.

Parcel from Ikea arrived as we were having our breakfast, table top is the same as the one I use to sew on, looks like a butchers block, very heavy. I tried to put it together but my hands are not strong enough, it needs DS2 with his power screw driver.

I will take photos of the living room and publish them on Friday after the Friday clean. Did manage to sell the wheel clamp yesterday, spent that money on plants at the nursery.

Ironing done, towels washed overnight and on the line, there is a breeze so hopefully they will dry.

Think I am suffering from PRSS, post removal stress syndrome....DB came in this morning and said he was going to clean out the inside of the car. Then he came in to say he was going out, 5 minutes later he was back with the hand held Dyson, 'How do I change the head, cannot get this one off'', 10 minutes later, 'the Dysons battery is flat have we got a dustpan?' by this time I was ready to scream, I was trying to sort something out on the phone and had to break off to tell him where to find the dustpan!! AArrrrggghhhhhh.

Lentil soup made for lunch enough in the pot for a couple of days lunches. I made a loaf yesterday, I have a feeling that the yeast I am using is old and not doing its job properly, the loaf was quite flat and very close textured. The remaining packets are in the dustbin, I will get some new when I go to Aldi next week.

Supper tonight macaroni cheese, jacket spud, celery and tomato salad. We have bananas so guess whats for dessert????

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Settling in

Another sunny morning. I had washed the bedding overnight so it was ready to go on the line when we got up. Its dry and now awaiting ironing.

I had intended to start my cleaning routine yesterday, but having to go in to the council shot that up. I did managed to do the bathroom yesterday afternoon, so this morning did our bedroom, also ran the Dyson over the sitting room and the carpet from the front door that was looking bitty.

DB has been out in the garden again this morning, I was in the kitchen cooking a batch of mince, fairy cakes and a sponge sandwich.

I always check my bank account each day, the deposit was back in the account from our old property, yipppeeeeee so my bank account is looking a bit healthier.

We are feeling very 'at home' in our new home, getting used to not having to go upstairs t bed or to the bathroom is wonderful.

DB found a notice on the gate yesterday, several of the trees in the garden are going to have to be felled, there are ash trees which have ash die back and the chestnut at the bottom of the garden is overhanging the road, so has to be cut back. How I wish we had a wood burner!! the wood would keep us going for years.

We are off out for a jolly this afternoon, we need to go and see the chap about doing the caravan service and will carry on to our favourite plant nursery on the Nottingham road and see what plants they have. We have been so good recently I am going to buy DB tea and cake!!

Supper tonight is Spag Bol with garlic bread and the last of the syrup sponge for dessert.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Sad News

I was sorry to hear this morning of the death of Clarrisa Dickson Wright, the remaining half of the Two Fat Ladies who had such a successful show on TV in the 1990's. She always made me smile and I enjoyed the programmes she made with Jonny Scott, (5th Baronet, of Beauclerc, Bywell St.Andrews, Northumberland.) after Jennifer Paterson died of cancer in 1999.

I put the washer on to wash overnight, but the door had not caught, so it went on this morning. Ever since I had the seal changed you have to really slam the door to make sure its shut. The sheets off our bed are in it to wash tonight.

Another trip into town this morning, DB had an appointment to get a blood test. I had a book to take back to the library and some paper work for the council, I also managed to pick up a toothbrush holder from Boyes. Something else for DS2 to do when he comes.

A bright morning the sun and wind have dried the clothes I put out will put them on the airer when I get them in. 

DB in the garden this afternoon putting in some more plants for me, we are concentrating on the long border just now.

Supper egg and chips with a couple more slices of the syrup sponge with some cream.

I was asked for the recipe,

 Largish pudding basin,(approx 2pint size) lightly greased with 2 tablespoons of syrup or jam in the bottom.

In a bowl use a hand mixer to mix together until the mixture is very light in colour; 4 ozs SR flour, 4 ozs soft margarine, 4 ozs of sugar, 2 medium eggs and a teasp. of baking powder. If the mixture does not readily drop off the beaters of the mixer add a little milk and whizz again for a couple of minutes. Pile it into the pudding basin. Make a fold in a piece of foil and then place it on top of the basin and twist it round to seal the mixture in.

Put in a saucepan of boiling water and put on the lid and then turn down the heat to a simmer, allow to simmer for an hour. Take it out of the pan and invert onto a plate. Depending how much syrup you have put in the basin it will trickle down the sides of the pudding.

Serve with cream or custard.

You can make a lemon sponge in the same way adding the juice of 2 lemons and the grated peel of one to the mixture. Alternatively you can put two generous spoons of lemon curd in the bottom of the basin.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Yum yum

I made the steamed syrup sponge, gosh it was good.

Enough left for another day!!

Will it last I wonder

Lovely sunny day, not particularly warm, but pleasant after all the rain and cold we have had.

I had a trip to Aldi in Syston this morning, the fridge was looking very bare. The queue to get in blocked the main road for more than 10  minutes, it was heaving inside.

Back at the apartment DB was cleaning out the van ready for our trip next month, we had carried garden tools in it when we moved it over, so the carpets needed the Dyson on them, the windows also need a clean.

DB was working in the garden when I got back, I should have taken some before pictures, but I forgot. We have started to put some of the plants in, its going to take quite a bit to fill in the beds they are quite wide. Might have to put a plea on free cycle

Supper tonight roast pork chops with roast potato's and stuffing, carrots, some green beans from the freezer and cauliflower. Having a bash at a syrup sponge in the steamer whilst I cook the beg. Its ages since I did one, thought it would be a change.

I sat and knitted another jumper last night and a second one is half done, when these two are finished thats it. I need to get back to quilting, all that fabric to use up.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Wot a Gay Day as Larry Grayson would have said!!

It was rather misty and cool first thing. We went into town on the bus. OH to the library and me for a shuffle round the town. DB wanted a small bag of seed potato's for a barrel so Yorkshire Trading was the first port of call. Then walked through the market, lots of people about, the sun had come out by now.

Called in at Wilkinson, I bought 6 oriental lily bulbs with the gift voucher I was sent earlier in the week, 3 white and 3 pink. I really love the scented ones and always have a stalk in the house in the special lily vase I have.

Walked round to the library, sat and read the paper whilst DB finished what he was doing, into Iceland for a loaf of bread for toasting and then caught the bus home.

Bacon sandwiches for lunch. I made a batch of scones as DD2 and DGD were expected this afternoon.

DB spent more time in the garden this afternoon he has dug right round to the french door on one side and we have started to put plants in. I went in to perform with tea and scones and sat chatting to DD2. 

I bought some more wool and started another jumper for the newspaper babies, bright green and orange this time.

Supper tonight, sausage and mash, baked beans and onion gravy. Banana and ice cream for dessert.

Now we have the house almost as we want it, we are enjoying being here, It was lovely in the garden this afternoon and our neighbour was out hanging laundry out, stopped to have a chat which was nice. The new people have still not moved in upstairs, someone was here yesterday, but no sign of any furniture.....weird. The children were out playing football with Daddy, but up their end of the lawn. Mother warned them to keep away from the flowers.

Friday, 14 March 2014


A fine morning but chilly.

Sitting room cleaned and hoovered, put up DB's mothers picture in the hall. Tried to put up one in the guest room, bent the pins so decided not to bother they are on the chest in the hall.

Visit to see my quilting guru this afternoon and have a chat....lovely time,tea and lemon drizzle cake. It was a bright afternoon. I left DB working in the garden, he has dug over and weeded the big border to the side of us, so I can place some plants for him to put in tomorrow.

A lot of traffic on the A46 coming home, a ambulance came screaming past us at one point.

DB took in a parcel this morning for one of our neighbours so he took it round to her, the people in the flat above us appear to be moving in

This evening I have sat and sewn the binding down on the mats for DD2, she is coming tomorrow so I will give them to her then.

Supper tonight, fish, mash, cauliflower, carrots and mustard sauce. A slice of cotton reels lemon drizzle cake with some cream for dessert..yum yum.

                                 Set of 4 place mats finished.

Thursday, 13 March 2014


It was foggy when we opened the curtains and it took its time clearing.

After breakfast we mopped the windows clean of condensation using some towelling cloths I made, once dry a quick polish with the duster. Our bedroom and the kitchen seem to be the worst.

A trip out in the car, a parcel arrived yesterday and we did not hear the bell, so had to collect it from our local post office, also nipped to Morrisons for a couple of things before returning home for our morning cuppa.

A  few pictures for your delectation!!

The six jumpers and 3 hats I knitted for the African babies.

I could not resist these little beauties in Morrisons this morning 50p for a pot of cheerfullness.

The kitchen.

And again from the door.

Our bedroom from the window end.

Looking in from the door towards the window.

Thats it for now folks, its lunchtime and the sun is just breaking through, I am going to shut myself in the sewing end of the guest bedroom and finish binding the mats for DD2.

I have ordered a small table from Ikea for the kitchen, our nearest store is in Nottingham, it would have cost me more than the delivery cost to go and fetch it, so £9 well spent should be here next week.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wheres the sun

Dull grey and cold this morning, yuk....... quite a bit of condensation on the windows, I need to source something to dry them off with, all the paintwork is new, I do not want it going black with mould in the corners.

I have to have the ladders in this morning to put more curtain hooks on our bedroom curtains, there were not enough when DGD put the curtains up, I also have another pair to put on top of the hall wardrobe and then cover with polythene so they do not get too dusty.

Other jobs this morning, put the Dyson over the guest room floor and wash the kitchen floor. When I was going through a drawer yesterday I found the electronic mouse scarer we tried at the cottage, so last night I fixed it to a single trailing socket I have and shut it in the cupboard where I think the meeces are coming in. No signs of a visit this morning in either cupboard, so will continue to do it until I can get the wire wool the stuff the hole.

What next, will I do not know, I have a set of mats to bind and some more stuff to sort out in the guest/sewing room, might do that or I could possibly go into town on the bus.

Supper tonight is chciekn of some sort......banana for dessert.

                            The bed end of the guest room.

The sewing end, sorry the picture is not brighter, its a very dull morning and the flash did not seem to work properly.

Carpet in guest room done with the Dyson, kitchen floor washed. DB has retired to bed iwth a dizzy, the first for 17 days.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sunny but Cold

A sunny but chilly day. OH spent the morning in the garden I decided to attempt to do something to clear the guest/sewing room. Its coming along, I have managed to get the table for the sewing room in and have the big boxes underneath and also the brother machine in the corner, it gives me an L shaped sewing surface and I have room to cut on either side. Really pleased with that, its not idea but it will do.

I had a lovely surprise this morning, a card from a blogging friend with a gift card in it, so kind. I need to sort out something to get with it, maybe a plant either for the house or garden.

The handy man has been here all morning trying to get the lock off our bedroom door and put a new one on, the lock stuck and I was afraid we would get locked in the bedroom and not be able to get out!!

Things are gradually finding a place and boxes are disappearing into the rubbish bin.

Macaroni cheese for supper with a jacket potato and tomato salad. We have enough crumble to have for dessert.

Monday, 10 March 2014


After yesterdays sun its quite cool today. We were off to the podiatrist  this morning to get our feet done, then called at Tesco for some shopping I cannot get at Aldi and our last port of call was the council to take some paper work in and sort out a few things.

We had lunch as soon as we got back. DB went out to the garden and I started to try and sort out the guest bedroom.....we did managed to get the books into the bookcase in the hall and also put 3 pairs of curtains up on top of the wardrobe in the hall, It has our coats and things like DB's kilt in. there is a plinth on top and the curtains fit snuggly in the well. You cannot see them as you walk down the hall.

I found more mouse droppings this afternoon and I think  know where they are coming in, the back of the cupboard under the sink is sprung and there is a small gap.

Rubber chicken is on for supper, doing the thighs with apricots in white wine, I will thicken the sauce and put some cream in before I serve it, Apple and blackberry crumble for dessert should be enough left for tomorrow as well.

The dresser in the hall with the wall unit above it.

The chicken hooks with my bits and bobs hanging on.

The book case in the corner, I am going to stack some boxes of fabric on the top two shelves.

The wardrobe in the hall, sorry the picture is a bit lop sided, it does not lean like that honest!!

I pushed the Dyson round this afternoon as well the carpets were very bitty, I put the extension lead on the dyson and was able to go all round, even our bedroom floor got the treatment. There is nothing on the floor in there at all so our bedroom is neat and tidy, the guest room is another matter however, I keep doing a bit here and there, but it does not seem to make much difference.

The plumber is here sorting out a couple of little jobs that need doing, we have no hot water to the wash basin in the bathroom and also one of the rads in the kitchen needs bleeding.

Till tomorrow.

Rubber Chicken

Quite a few people have asked about 'rubber chicken', its quite simple its chicken that stretches over several meals.

We had roast chicken, I sliced one breast, plenty of meat for the two of us. tomorrow I will take the thighs and make them into a chicken casserole, the second breast will make chicken and pasta and the drumsticks will be stripped along with any meat left on the carcass and mixed with chopped onion, mayo and some dried fruit to make sandwich filling. the carcass will go to make stock for soup. Thats rubber chicken.....................

Sunday, 9 March 2014

How Nice To See Some Sun

A lovely sunny day, we had our morning tea sitting on the patio. DB spent most of the morning working out side, whilst I dittered inside. All the windows open to let in some fresh air.

No sign of mouse droppings in the cupboard, but I have found evidence in a few places, call to the LL tomorrow, I hope its a one off.

No washing today just the ironing mountain, might do a bit tonight whilst watching 'call the midwife'.

Rubber chicken for supper, roasted with roasted potato's, carrots, cauliflower and calebrese. Apple and black berry crumble for dessert with some HM ice cream. I also made a white loaf, we are almost out of bread, just a crust left.

I spent the morning prepping supper cooking some leek and potato soup for lunch and sorting out the cupboard in the hallway. This afternoon we have blocked off the airing cupboard with cardboard and lined the shelves with lining paper, so I can use it now, not sure whats going in it but I am sure I can find something. I also need to get to the high cupboard in the spare room to put up the curtains I am not using just now. There are a couple of pairs I might sell. I also need to put the Humax freestat box on E Bay. Not sure how much I will get for it mind you.

My computer has stopped talking to the printer which is driving me crackers, cannot find drivers on the internet and I seem to have lost the usb cable...gggrrrrrr...........these things are sent to try us!!

We are out in the morning its podiatry time again and we have to call in to the council with some paper work. I am hoping the plumber comes to the hot tap on the bathroom basin tomorrow afternoon.

The jasmine I bought yesterday has been 'propped up' and the inner hall is smelling really nice, I gave it a long drink this morning, it was very dry.

I have a bottle of Chardonnay in the fridge, methinks we deserve a small tipple, in my case make that a large one!!!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Oh my back aches!!

We were off to town on the bus this morning, it was a bit murky so I did not put the load of laundry out still we got back. Picked up books from the library and walked back to get the bus through the market, I picked up a jasmine plant for £1. It needs repotting and something doing with the wire, will tackle it another day.

Since we have been back I have hung out 3 loads of washing and got it all dry, the towels are a bit damp on the edges so they are on the airer in the hall, nice little spot for it beside the new chest.

Made meatballs in tomato sauce for supper will have some spaghetti and maybe garlic bread with it. Also baked a carrot cake and cleared some more stuff away.

I spent almost an hour on the phone sorting out moving suppliers for electricity and gas, I have tied us in to a fixed price until March 2017. Much to my surprise I found we had an dual meter, so I have changed the clock so the water is heated on the cheaper rate power.

 I had a bit of a nasty find, I went into the cupboard for a baking tin and found mouse droppings, I also found some on the hall carpet when I went to put the dyson over the carpet......we had them at the cottage I do not want a repeat performance......I cleared the cupboard out and have washed everything, no idea how they are getting in. There was no sign of anything in the cupboards when we moved in.

Needless to say I am shattered, DB has been moving stuff from the caravan into the garden shed so thats kept him busy.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Fine Friday

We slept well after a shower and painkillers.  We were both crackered. It was raining when we got up,it soon cleared up and I got 2 loads of washing dry, two more loads to do tomorrow and I am all caught up.

DB spent time this morning sorting out his books and putting them in the bookcase, he has also put some out for the boot sale. I spent the morning trying to sort out the mess that was the kitchen, its looking much better now.

DD2 arrived just as we were getting lunch, she had brought hers with her so we sat and had lunch together.

We set off for the old house, DD2 and I went round, I used a damp cloth to clean round the carpet edge and wipe the skirting boards behind where we had furniture. DD2 followed me with the Dyson, she had gone round the ceilings with the ken dodd.  DB was taking the wooden container that split yesterday to bits and putting it in the car. He set off for home with the wood etc in the car and left me at the house. The agent who does the inspection arrived just as I was about to do the kitchen floor, so she started in the living room and went round the house. Whilst she was in the garden with DB I quickly washed the kitchen floor. The report......first class, she said she wished all the houses she inspected were as clean and neat, just polished my halo a bit. We should get our deposit back in around 10 days.

Apparently the LL is moving back in tonight, so he has nothing at all to complain about. He had even asked photos to be taken of the drive to ensure our caravan had done no damage, I was speechless!!

Back home, a cup of tea on an hour with our feet up.

Supper bacon fritatta and salad, bananas for dessert. Tomorrow a bit more unpacking to do. Its going to be fine so another couple of loads of laundry to do and dry and then a pile of ironing.

We are getting used to a much bigger space, plenty of room to move, once I get everything sorted we will be very comfortable.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Over but not finished.

We are here, but not done and dusted yet.

It was raining when the removers arrived and they were early, we had only just finished breakfast when they landed.

Two really nice chaps, we pointed out various things to take care with and I set off for the apartment. DD2 arrived just after 10am, closely followed by DS2 and DB, then the removal men. DB said that when they went to pick up the herb container it fell to bits, so we have a rescue mission tomorrow.

Soup and bread for lunch. plenty of tea for the men, DD2 and I made up the beds, DS2 and DB put up the sentry box and DD2 then tackled various jobs, so we have the wall unit above the chest, the mirror is on the wall, the doors back on the wardrobe and everything back as it should be, so we can have a shower and climb into bed.

DD2 and DGD called in just after 5pm.

We had fish and chips for supper, dessert was sliced banana and the raspberries that DGD bought us on Tuesday, they were lobely with some sugar and a drop of cream.

Tomorrow we will continue  to unpack and sort out. DB will finish putting his books back, I have shut the door on the sewing/guest room. I need to get the bathroom and kitchen sorted, then our bedroom before I start on the sewing room. Pictures will follow once we are straight.

We are both shattered, my back is telling me I need some pain killers so off to take some.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Thank you to everyone for the good wishes for tomorrow. We have moved everything we possibly can over here, its just the last bits and bobs in the morning. The removers ar due between 8.30 and 9am, so with a following wind we should be in a reasonable state tomorrow night.

Its been a dry but cold day. We brought the caravan over after DB went for his INR. went back to collect more of the last minute stuff and are here until the new chest arrives tonight, we will just go back to sleep.

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day, but DS2 and DD2 will be here helping us to get as straight as we can, once all DB.s books are back in the bookcase it will be a bit better, most of the floor in the sitting room will be clear. The guest room is the one that will take sorting!!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

2 days and counting

Just today and tomorrow to go and we will be moved!! Virgin have been and connected the TV broadband and phone, so thankfully now I can switch my mobile off again, will have to see how much of the £20 credit I have used over the past 2 weeks.

The house is almost empty but for the furniture. DB has gone to collect some of the plants we are bringing with us, so the patio will be a little congested until its fine, warm and dry enough to put them in.

The corner of the sitting room, all this is waiting to go into either cupboards or bookcases.

I told you there was a lot of stuff in my sewing room, this is the guest bedroom, I have to find a home for all those containers with fabric in.

The sitting room looking toward the french windows, gives you a better idea of where the bookcase and dresser are. the large book case will go in the alcove to the left of the window, a small chair there will make a 'reading place'. Its also close to a radiator. We do not have the central heating on as yet, we are just using the gas fire whilst we are here, I will fire it up tomorrow so it can start to warm the house ready for us on Thursday.

                          The tidiest room in the house, the pantry.

This lot was all in cupboards in that tiny kitchen, how ever did I get it all in??? There is a small overflow in one of the kitchen cupboards, but its stuff I use each day.

Prepped the supper, sausage, mash, carrots and calebrese and also mixed up the batter for pancakes for dessert.

DGD and I will be staying here until DB come to collect us after his bowls meeting. We will go back to the house and straight to bed, ready for the last day clearing up bits.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Another Day at the Fun Factory that is Moving House

Another day moving household contents from A to B. Its been a nice day but very cold. Pity I did not have any washing to do, it would have dried.

My sewing room just has the two bookcases and a chair left, I will take the camera tomorrow so you can see whats in the guest bedroom, there is room for the bed, just.

All the kitchen cupboards are empty and cleaned out, tomorrow I will clean the sewing room windows floor etc. Anything not needed in the bathroom has also gone.

Contacted the removers this morning they are bringing 3 wardrobe boxes with them so I can put the clothes in, once the wardrobes are in I can empty then and they can go back on the lorry.

I did not sleep too well last night, so had a nap on the settee after lunch. We then loaded the car and did a 3rd run, calling at DD2's for a cup of tea. She is off to London for a couple of days tomorrow, will be with us at the house on Thursday.

Supper tonight egg and chips, chocolate fluff with banana for dessert.


Janice asked about moving. We chose to move the contents apart for the heavy furniture ourselves as we were only moving 4 miles. Even so the removal is costing us £500. When we came down from Scotland last year the removal company did all the packing for us, We moved over a weekend, packing and part loaded Thursday finished packing and loading Friday. We set off with our caravan stopping two nights on the way down and the removers came on Monday to unload. There were a lot of boxes believe me. It took us 2 weeks to unpack and we freecycled the boxes in 2 lots.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Slow Sunday

Bright morning, but it kept clouding over. Mr Hassle bags was at it again, he is just as bad as husband number one was; once he gets the bit between his teeth...........donkey was the word I am not!!

DS2 took the drawers out and doors off my wardrobe, so they went into the car along with some of my sewing stuff from the sewing room, moving the biggest bits first.

Once we dropped that off we went to Aldi in Syston to do a grocery shop and redeem the £5 coupon I had. Some stuff to the new place and some back here. The shop was horrendously busy, the world and his wife seemed to be there, I came in at under £40 thanks to the £5 voucher I had.

More stuff taken to the house this afternoon, the sewing room is almost empty now and we are down to bits and bobs, taking things we know we can do without.

The dresser in its new home.

Small book case and the DVD unit.

The wall unit standing against the wall in the hall, the new pine chest will stand underneath it. once its in DS2 can put the wall unit up and I can get the stuff back on it.

Two trips pulled in today plus our shopping trip. The pantry at the new house is full, I am now using an overflow cupboard on the wall.

The big bookcase here is empty all the books are on the floor waiting to go in when it arrives. I emailed the removers and asked them if they would bring 3 wardrobe boxes when they come to put the clothes in. We can unpack them as soon as they have the wardrobes in.

We sat in the sitting room for a while having a drink of tea and a piece of cake, I put the gas fire on to see how it heated the room, it was not doing a bad job, I have to set up the central heating timer when we get there too.

Back home to finish packing up the sewing room and cook the supper......more removals tomorrow.


I forgot to say that one of my trolls has surfaced again!! How the heck did they find me again?????

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Day 3 of our move.

Thats another day done, the sitting room, kitchen and dining room are looking very depleted. I took a load first thing and met DD2 and DGD at the house, I had taken the top of the dresser with  me. One of our new neighbours was getting sky fitted and he helped me to unload and carry the top of the dresser in. DD2 and I lifted it into place and DGD screwed the top to the bottom with the mirror plates, then DD2 put all the glasswear back.

The gardener turned up to look at the french door that would not close, I nipped off home to see DS2 and collected another load, he also loaded his car with stuff and followed me up, he was going on to Luton to pick his friend up from the airport.

The doors are off the wardrobe, he thinks they will be able to get it out as is, so fingers crossed, he also took down the light fitting and replaced the old one and the unit off the wall. The house is beginning to look like someone elses now.

After a sandwich and a cup of tea DB and I went back with another load, I took some of the curtain hooks I had as DGD said there were on 5 on each side in our bedroom and they need at least 10. I had got 4 that would fit, so we ended up at B & Q and I found a set the right size.

Back home for a cup of tea and ginger cake, I need to re-charge the batteries. 

This morning I looked out of the patio doors and saw this.....

Little tete a tete daffs in flower in the two planters. Spring must be on its way, at last!!!

Tomorrow we start to clear my sewing room, thats going to be fun, such a lot in there, I poked my head in this morning and shut the door quick. There are 3 large containers and about a dozen smaller ones all containing fabric, then there is all my threads, and accessories as well. at least 2 trips I would think. Not so much in the bed rooms, just a small bookcase that stands on DB's chest, a couple of beside tables and the chairs.

DS2 is coming back on Thursday to finish off filling holes etc and will then come to the new place and put things up for me. The pine chest will be in the hall, and the pine hanging unit will go above it. Quite a statement.

I am very tired, but then I knew this was going to be tiring and it is, but this time next week it will all be over bar the shouting and we will be looking at a nicely cut lawn and the trees that surround it. Can't wait.