Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wot No Rain?

Cannot believe it, no rain. I set the washing machine to come on early this morning, but then I had a bad night, pain killers and tea at 3am!! So the laundry has only been on the whirly for about an hour, there is a breeze so it is drying slowly.

I have a loaf on and have also made a carrot cake, we might have a slice for supper dessert instead of me making a lemon sponge, will see how I feel a bit later.

We have found the £5 lily bulb, DB and I attacked the bed where I thought it was and he got the prize, one giant lily bulb. He has spent the morning cleaning out the shed and chucking away stuff we do not want/need, so its all in bags ready to go into the caravan when I manage to find the old duvet cover I am going to put on the floor to keep the carpet clean. he also found 2 folding crates which will come in handy.

Supper tonight roast pork chops and potato's, carrots, green beans from the freezer.


  1. Cheers for finding the giant lily bulb with minimum frustration and for all that was accomplished to prepare for the move!

    Is carrot cake easier to make than lemon sponge? I hadn't give that any thought.

    Ohhh, I LOVE pork chops! When will dinner be ready?!

    Sorry to hear you had a miserable night. Hope tonight's sleep is restful and wonderful.

    I'm pressing pairs of squares to make 4 patches.


  2. Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon. I got my washing out mid morning and it dried - just!! But it was a treat to see the sun!! Glad you found the Lily bulb. Have got all the cut pieces of Stack and Whack into blocks!! Am quite pleased with it!! Will have to get some more mauve fabric to put it all together with!! hope you have a better night tonight.


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