Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Morning After The Night Before

No rain!!! but we still have quite a stiff breeze. The house to our left lost a fence panel, it ended up against our LL precious cherry tree. DB took a photograph, do not want blaming for that!! The neighbours have been out and moved it into their garden.

DB goes for his procedure this morning, so I am on standby to pick up the pieces as usual. I have to take him to the local hospital for 10.15am. They will phone when he is ready to come home.

I am going to spend the waiting time reading. I need to conserve my energy for the end of the month. DB came home from his INR yesterday with more boxes......there is a theme going here. I specifically asked him not to start packing until a week on Monday. I remember only too well the mess when we came here with boxes up to the ceiling in the dining room and not being able to sit at the table to eat our meals for over a week.

I did spend some time in my sewing room yesterday trying to sort some of the stuff and deciding where to put it, I want to try and condense 3 units into 2. I also want to take the legs off the table so it can go with us on our first trip along with a couple of chairs to sit on. Did not get very far......

Sausage and mash for supper tonight with the remains of the bread and butter pudding I made yesterday for dessert.

Up date.

DB home, all well with his gullet he now has to have a swallow test which is what I wanted him to have in the first place. He had some bread, soup and a yogurt and retired to bed, I have just woken him up after 2 hours, He will not sleep tonight.

I managed to get the table down in the sewing room and also pack the hoops to the machine in a box with my rulers. Had to move the crates out first then prop the table up against the wall and put the crates back. I am shattered, its a good job we have quite a few days to ove the stuff, I think we are going to need it.


  1. Oh, dear, difficult to read this morning and I am so disappointed as I am avidly following your move!
    I hope all is well.

  2. I'm glad to hear DB is home, safe and sound and that this test showed nothing amiss. From AMIL's stroke experience, she had difficulty swallowing so for about 6 weeks needed her liquids thickened and that helped immensely. I would think today's gastroscopy would have shown a stricture in the esophagus if there is one. Strictures can cause difficulties in swallowing.

    You're wise to pace yourself with the packing so as to have energy to unpack at the other end!

    Wishing you a good night's sleep and sweet dreams.


  3. Good news regarding the gastroscopy procedure. Must admit, I would hate to have something pushed down my throat, so well done DB.
    Try and take things a bit steady regarding your move. It's going to be a stressful time for you both and you still have 3 weeks to the big move, so don't do too much too soon.
    Hope the winds and gales are not affecting you too much and no more fences get blown away.


  4. Glad DB home safely and nothing found, one worry less for you. Had a workshop doing 'stack and whack' today!! It was fine - once I got my head round it!!!! Love the resulting pattern though! Must do another couple of blocks tomorrow before I forget how to do it!!!! Keep dry X


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